With the UMCC it is possible to separate and compact several different waste fractions in one machine. The compactor has unique ‘Double-stroke’ and ‘Stay-n-Hold’ functions for increased compaction rate.

General waste is compacted in a durable plastic sack, plastic and cardboard are baled and tins and cans are compacted. All this is done in one machine, but in separate chambers. The compactors are tailor-made to suit the customer’s need with everything from two to six chambers and additional chambers can easily be installed after delivery.

The chambers are bolted to the deck and the press unit of the UMCC is moved sidewards by an electrical motor for safe and comfortable operation in a rough sea. Movement of the press head requires two-handed operation for safety. An alarm signal is given when a chamber is full.

The UMCC is an electromechanical compactor that offers long durability with no deterioration over time, which allows for a five-year warranty. It always compacts at full press force and represents an environ-mentally sustainable investment.

The volume reduction is up to 90% depending on the fraction and the bale / sack is manually strapped with two plastic ribbons.

The UMCC is available in stainless-steel for outdoor installations. In this case, the unit should be installed in a protected area to avoid rain entering the waste chambers.


  • Environment
    • Highly efficient, clean and silent electromechanical drive
  • Operational efficiency
    • Volume reduction up 90% depending on fraction
    • ‘Double-stroke’ and ‘Stay-n-Hold’ functionality
    • Cost-effective treatment of fractions in a single unit
  • Service and maintenance
    • ‘Plug-n-Press’ installation
    • No deterioration in efficiency after years of operation
  • Safety
    • Storm position feature of press head
    • DNV Maritime Assessment / Verification report
    • Safe operations in high seas