The high-capacity food waste shredder includes a Macerator Unit / disposer and is connected to the rest of the system to take care of bones and long-fibre food waste material.

It is easily integrated into Uson Food Waste System (OWMS), to an existing gravity or dry vacuum system.

The shredder, hopper and stand are made of stainless-steel for hygienic operation. The hopper is flushed through two water nozzles.

The amount of the water is adjustable. This is to avoid too much or too little water disrupting the system.

The shredder has an electronic overload control. When overloaded, the shredder reverses in order to turn the material, before starting again.

It is equipped with an easy-to-use feeding hopper and its compact design makes it easy to fit into tight compartments.


  • Shreds all types of food waste, including bones and fish skins
  • High-capacity
  • Extremely durable shredder head in HARDOX steel
  • Flexible integration possibilities
  • For integration with food waste systems
  • utomatic operation
  • Electronic overload control
  • Easy to install and maintain, safe to use
  • User-friendly