Transvac Ejectors provide a proven, simple and reliable technology for boosting production of low pressure gas wells by lowering the well head pressure using existing energy sources as the motive, such as HP gas energy normally wasted across a choke valve or across a compressor recycle valve

Many older production facilities have compressors operating in constant recycle as conditions have changed from design point and the compressors themselves are less efficient. Gas is compressed from low to high pressure then some of this is let-down and fed back into the compressor to maintain operating throughput. Transvac Gas Ejectors can be used to replace existing mechanical compressors. Requiring no maintenance and utilising available energy, from other sources existing to drive them, Ejector technology can be justified on lower CAPEX and OPEX. Plus they are also an environmentally friendly solution.

To meet the low pressures required to extract gas reserves from LP Wells, existing mechanical compressors often require re-wheeling. A Transvac Ejector can be installed in the recycle line of the mechanical Compressor to lower the pressure of LP Wells and thereby boost production. This method of boosting production is achieved ‘for free’ by making use of otherwise wasted energy. In many instances significant capital savings are also made by eliminating the need for modifications of, or secondary, mechanical compressors.