Knucle boom crane with active heave compensation

At Jebsen & Jessen Offshore, we are known for our extensive suite of engineering, fabrication, construction, installation and commissioning solutions. We have served owners and operators of marine and offshore vessels as well as major shipyards for more than 30 years, using our experience and expertise to design, develop and deliver complete solutions to meet their changing business needs.

We use only reputable brand components for reliability and lifelong support and worked together closely with hydraulic and electrical vendor on integrating system design performance. Crane design is in accordance to API 2C, and any IACS society lifting appliances rules as applicable and can be class register as cargo gear / lifting appliances on vessel.

Our knuckle boom crane has integrated built-in hydraulic power pack whereby the main hydraulic motor and pumps is install protected inside crane column. The crane structure is built by high strength steel grade and boxed up for robustness. Access to the crane would be by external mount ladder and crane control station can be standing open type local control, or be provided with air condition, sound insulate, ergonomic chair seating-type operator cabin.

The crane have offshore standard safety feature with built-in hydraulic pressure limitation correspond with the capacity of the crane for safe load limitation. Emergency recovery of load is typically provided allowing safe recovery of hanging load when power is cut-off during operation. The crane luffing and knuckling motion is designed for safe buffering at end positions to prevent shock. The ram, hoist and slewing drive is designed with double fail-safe brake systems for extra safety.

Only non-rotating type wire rope is used to prevent rotating of loads. Crane hydraulic system is power compensated for low-heat generation and power-saving. The crane is surface finish to S.A. 2.5 and coated with marine type Epoxy 3-Coat System with total DFT of 300micron.