EBI Winches

All models are factory assembled and tested and are complete with a marine coating system. Each winch comes with a standard factory warranty.

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W5-500 General Dimensions: 20 1/4in (L) x 21 9/16in (W) x 20 1/4in (H)

W5-1000 General Dimensions: 24 1/4in (L) x 21 9/16in (W)x 24 1/4in (H)

W20-1000 General Dimensions: 32in (L) x 41 13/16in (W) x 32in (H)

W20-1500 General Dimensions: 32in (L) x 55 13/16in (W) x 32in (H)

W50-1250 General Dimensions: 50 3/8in (L) x 60in (W) x 50 3/8in (H)

W50-2500 General Dimensions: 50 3/8in (L) x 87 7/8in (W) x 50 3/8in (H)

EBI Gearboxes

Swing Gearboxes

EBI swing gearbox model the SGB40, is used in all EBI’s offshore pedestal-mounted cranes. The SGB40 allows the crane to swing from left to right. It utilizes EBI’s 12-tooth pinion design and has proven to be a reliable gearbox in all EBI offshore pedestal-mounted cranes.

Telescopic gearboxes

EBI designs and manufactures telescopic gearboxes, the TGB40 and TGB73 for use on their telescopic boom marine cranes to extend and retract the inner boom externally. The gearboxes are located on the outside of the boom, making it is easier to service and maintain. These telescopic gearboxes also utilize EBI’s 12-tooth pinion legendary design for exceptional contact ratios, more secure handling, and additional speed diversity.

EBI Jacking Systems

EBI’s new world class liftboat jacking system, the GB430, sets standards like no other. This ABS classified gearbox is designed to handle severe storm conditions, heavier loads, and load faster on location.

EBI’s GB360 provides a mid range planetary gearbox option. It is similar in design and concept to the GB450, providing an economical option for light load applications.

EBI’s classic and legendary 12-tooth pinion gearbox, the GB82, has been used on EBI liftboats. Long-lasting, dependable and easy to maintain, the GB82 is the perfect solution for small to mid-sized liftboat designs.

All EBI Gear Reductions are designed and manufactured to meet all requirements set forth by API Spec 2C, ABS, USCG and OSHA.