Safeti Offshore Viewer is a dynamic results tool for Safeti Offshore that enables display andinterrogation of event trees and 3D consequence results on an asset’s digital twin.

What you get

  • A simple, intuitive, visually driven platform for engaging with QRA results particularly targeted at consumers of QRA results (for example, senior managers) as opposed to QRA analysts
  • A tool that can be used to turn an existing QRA model into a ‘living model’ as opposed to a static report filed away on a shelf. This significantly enhances the potential to use QRA to support day-to-day operations
  • A solution that opens up access to the QRA model to a wider range of top-level stakeholders which enables more value to be extracted from the model
  • A tool that helps to improve the efficiency of the QRA work flow by providing consumers access to the QRA model
  • A package that can be used to enhance communication of risk to stakeholder groups

With Safeti Offshore Viewer, you can:

  • Open and review QRA models built in Safeti Offshore
  • Easily engage and access the results of a QRA as this is driven from the 3D model. Users can simple click on a particular area of interest and generate the results for that area
  • View the timeline of an event using the ‘event tree viewer’ to better understand how it develops over time, what barriers have failed (or not) etc.
  • Visualize consequences (for example, an explosion or fire) and how it impacts on the asset; for instance, affects escape routes or results in escalation or fatalities
  • Drill down and better understand key risk drivers in a way that is not possible from a QRA report
  • View all aspects of the results of the QRA model, including:
    • Risk results PLL etc.
    • Consequence results explosions, fires, time varying discharge results
    • Leak frequency results
    • Impairment or escalation frequencies
    • Open a model with confidence as there is no risk of breaking the model or changing the inputs as all input fields are disabled