Safety Communication Equipment

Since it was founded in 1967, Jotron has grown into one of the most respected names in the maritime sector, primarily for safety at sea products. Jotron was, for example, the first company to develop and bring to market an emergency position-indicating radio beacon (EPIRB).

The company's products have consistently been at the cutting edge of safety communication equipment for maritime applications, and Jotron works closely with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and other maritime organisations to develop and regulate innovative new products.

Communication systems for safety at land, sea and air

The Jotron Group provides professional communication systems for safety at land, sea and air. Our production facilities handle more than 90,000 finished items a year. Continuous close co-operation with national and international laboratories and authorities results in high-quality products and services to the latest standards.

To make high-performance equipment for the most severe conditions, we rely on a team of dedicated engineers, and the most modern test procedures and instrumentation. The high international success rate of Jotron products ensures that we both maintain our position as a market leader and innovator, and continuously update our solutions to meet the latest technological developments.

Safety communication systems for oil and gas environments

The Jotron Group have offered a flexible and extensive range of products, specifically designed and manufactured for hazardous oil and gas exploration environments, for over 20 years. Jotron systems are in use worldwide on different types of vessels used for oil and gas exploration and production, transportation and offshore supply.

In addition, Jotron has equipment on offshore production installations and onshore reception and refining facilities, with all products designed and manufactured to satisfy or surpass the mandatory requirements of both international maritime and oil and gas standards.

Emergency radio equipment, markers and lights

The global maritime distress and safety system (GMDSS) requires all ships covered by the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) to install one 406 MHz float-free EPIRB, two radar transponders and portable VHFs.

Since the establishment of GMDSS, Jotron has become a major supplier of the specified emergency radio equipment necessary to fulfill these mandatory requirements.

Jotron also provides reliable and professional communication products for the offshore industry, commercial vessels, fishing vessels and large pleasure crafts, as well as high-intensity markers and emergency lights for various marine and other applications.

Offshore audio communication systems

Jotron Phontech offers an extensive and flexible range of audio communication solutions, which have been carefully designed and built for harsh maritime and oil and gas environments. The systems are in use worldwide on onshore / offshore oil and gas installations, offshore supply vessels, tug boats, navy / coastguard vessels, merchant ships and fishing vessels.

Public address and general alarm generate a great focus within our audio communication solutions. We provide systems that distribute messages and alarms with a special focus on ease of operation and safety, speech intelligibility, reliability and fault tolerance.

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