Asian Offshore Services (AOS) have completed the build and fit-out of their new fleet of high-spec high-tech rental cabins in support of continued increase in demand for rental units particularly on marine vessels.

The cabins were designed and built in full compliance with the latest ABS Guide for portable accommodation modules and also compliant with IMO and SOLAS requirements.

Upon the launch of their new rental cabin fleet AOS were immediately awarded a contract by PTSC Vietnam to supply eight cabins onto one of their ABS classed charter vessels in support of their offshore installation and hook-up activities.

As a global leader in design and build of modular buildings this new product has increased the portfolio of AOS and has immediately thrust them into becoming a market leader supplying rental cabins to global oil and gas operators and marine vessel owners.

These AOS cabin modules are now being used in Middle East (Abu Dhabi) to supply a 200-man temporary living quarters on a jack-up barge working a long-term charter in this region and also being used to provide 150-man living quarters in Europe (North Sea) and also being used in South-East Asia (Vietnam).

As the cabins are designed to be linkable and stackable to four units high, this new design provides major space-savings onboard the vessels and offshore platforms, and has placed these new design cabins way ahead of the majority of their global rental cabin competitors.

The large fleet of AOS accommodation cabins are available for immediate rental ex-work Kuala Lumpur and can be supplied in any sleeping configuration from two to eight-man for each cabin and also with any other utility support requirement such as mess-rooms, offices, recreation rooms, medical treatment rooms, locker rooms, laundry rooms etc.

AOS MD Faisal Siebel was quoted: "AOS has been considering entering the cabin rental market for some time now but this recent downturn in the oil and gas price has increased the demand for a number of operators and marine vessel owners to opt for rental cabin modules in preference to upgrading their existing facilities.

"We have seen a healthy demand for rental cabins and our recent contract to supply eight rental cabins into Vietnam has more than justified our commitment to move swiftly into the rental market.

"It is also pleasing to see our cabins now also being used in the Middle East and Europe and we are confident our new design ABS approved modules will continue to attract new clients who have previously been forced to rent from an ageing fleet of DNV rental cabins available from many other international cabin rental companies."