AIS fit-out factory

Asian Offshore Services (AOS) have completed three of their four batches of new-build, high-spec ‘New Generation’ modular accommodation cabins that are considered unique to the oil and gas and marine industries and attracting many interested enquiries to supply more.

This unique design includes the following:

  • Full compliance with ABS Portable Accommodation Modules (2013/14) guidelines
  • Structure compliant with DNV 2.7-1 guidelines
  • Suitable for use in Zone 2 Hazardous areas
  • Linkable and stackable to ‘four-high’ on marine and fixed platform use
  • Blast-rated to 0.3bar over pressure
  • Fitted with latest high-specification IT and telecoms-compliant systems
  • Eight different internal layout designs

Two batches of new modules have recently been loaded out to Abu Dhabi to support Middle East regional projects and the third batch is in the process of being loaded out to Holland for immediate use on European projects.

Operations director Mike Godwin stated: "These accommodation modules were designed and built to our clients own specification but we recognised there is a high-demand for similar accommodation modules particularly on marine vessels and offshore platforms that are looking for solutions to onboard deck space shortages and also having to consider Hazardous areas to install temporary living quarters during Brownfield upgrades of their facilities.

"Our close work with ABS Singapore and Malaysia has ensured this project was quite unique as AOS continues to be a ‘market-leader’ developing solutions for designing and building accommodation modules to service the oil and gas and marine industries."