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Holland Shipyards specialises in a wide variety of products and services, varying from offshore support vessels, such as anchor handlers, crew tenders and tugs, to offshore accommodation vessels and modules.

We are known for our ability to deliver high-quality products within a very short space of time. Holland Shipyards is the company to look for when time and quality are of the essence.

Our organisation strives to deliver a product that meets our customers’ needs. This can only be done in close cooperation with the client; this does not only require Holland Shipyards adapting for customers’ specifications, but also keeping close track of all options available.

Quality offshore support vessels and accommodation

Holland Shipyards has developed a portfolio of products, varying from support vessels, such as tugs, to workboats and anchor handlers of all sizes. More recently, offshore accommodation has become a prominent service offered. We are able to deliver a product that satisfies the most stringent of demands within a very short time period, which is highly beneficial for our clients as they carry out their projects.

Customised offshore accommodation and facilities

Over the years, Holland Shipyards has delivered accommodation modules of all sizes and capacities. This ranges from 20ft containers converted into two-person sleeping quarters, to accommodation modules for up to 60 people in single and double cabins.

In addition, complete accommodation vessels can be built for 300-600 people, can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to +40°C and able to serve the people on board with all sorts of amenities, including ensuite bathrooms, fitness areas, day rooms, restaurants and internet cafés.

Technical facilities include: generators, water makers, sewage installation and complete HVAC installation. In fact, these vessels are designed to operate autonomously for a period of 14 days. Also, modules have been built to operate autonomously for an extended period of time.

Offshore accommodation module rental

Next to its new building activities, Holland Shipyards has a rental branch for its offshore accommodation modules – Holland Accommodation Rentals.

These rental modules have been designed to have a high grade of self-reliance, which reduces (de)mobilisation time and takes away the requirement for available ship systems. Also redundancy has been factored in in the design of the modules. Five types of modules are available:

  • Accommodation module for 20 persons
  • Restaurant module with galley, stores and a restaurant
  • Facilities module with offices, a hospital, changing room, laundry and a gym
  • Technical module with generators, sewage plant, water makers, boilers, water pressure set, tanks and a control room
  • Technical and facilities combined module, which combines the two for situations where deck space availability is an issue

Building offshore accommodation vessels in a short timeframe

By working closely with highly qualified subcontractors, we can guarantee that each project meets the highest possible quality.

Working so closely with our subcontractors has enabled Holland Shipyards to respond to some requests that seemed downright impossible; for example, building an offshore accommodation vessel with facilities for 600 people in just 17 weeks, which we completed.

Holland Shipyards gives its clients possibilities to act within timeframes that would not be feasible otherwise.

Qualified personnel for offshore vessels and accommodation modules

With highly qualified and certified personnel and solid QHSE practices Holland Shipyards will deliver quality vessels and accommodation modules, and will do so responsibly.

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Press Release

Instalho Receives Accommodation Modules Order

Instalho Scheepsbouw, a member of the Holland Shipyards Group, has received an order for three accommodation modules, each accommodating 20 persons.

White Papers

DP Gezina Naming Ceremony Takes Place in the Netherlands

On 17 May in Hardinxveld-Giessendam on the Merwede River, the naming ceremony of the DP Gezina took place.


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Press Release

20 February 2014

Instalho Scheepsbouw, a member of the Holland Shipyards Group, has received an order for three accommodation modules, each accommodating 20 persons.

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21 August 2013

Another fast-track delivery to Chevalier Floatels has enabled the company to deliver its third vessel for service support operations in the 2013 season.

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16 July 2013

On 17 May in Hardinxveld-Giessendam on the Merwede River, the naming ceremony of the DP Gezina took place.

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13 June 2013

Jack-Up Barge BV has selected Holland Accommodation Rentals to provide accommodation modules to accommodate 40 persons, including facilities.

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28 May 2013

Holland Accommodation Rentals secured its first contract for its new range of integrated accommodation modules.

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23 May 2013

17 May 2013 will certainly be remembered for its outstanding atmosphere during the naming ceremony of the DP Gezina at Holland Shipyards' premises in Hardinxveld - Giessendam, despite the heavy rain on the day.

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10 April 2013

Holland Shipyards has recently launched DP Gezina, Chevalier Floatels' new flagship, after being commissioned to undertake the conversion on 31 October 2012. Chevalier Floatels specifically selected Holland Shipyards because of its track record and the need for a fast delivery time.

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21 February 2013

Holland Accommodation Rentals, a subsidiary of Holland Shipyards, has started the construction of their new design rental accommodations.

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3 July 2012

Holland Shipyards has successfully delivered a 32-person accommodation module to Keppel Verolme.

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