DP Gezina Naming Ceremony Takes Place in the Netherlands

On 17 May in Hardinxveld-Giessendam on the Merwede River, the naming ceremony of the DP Gezina took place. Despite the terrible weather, nothing could be done to dampen the spirits or the mood of the day, as the association of Chevalier Floatels and Holland Shipyards took another big step forward with the unveiling of what is a new concept in the shipping and offshore energy world.

DP Gezina, named after and launched by Gezina Roelofs, the mother of Marcel Roelofs, the owner of Chevalier Floatels, is Chevalier's
latest brainchild. Aimed at the offshore energy market, she is a luxurious accommodation and transport vessel designed specifically but not exclusively for the wind farm sector.

For more details please download this free white paper.

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