Videotech has introduced a new version of the well-known series of outdoor camera positioning systems ULISSE, called ULISSE PLUS. The new version features a bigger camera housing, which dimensions easily fit large zoom lenses.

The ULISSE PLUS P&T integrates, in a particularly elegant design, a high-performance P&T head with a telemetry receiver and camera housing with integrated wiper.

The rotation on the horizontal axis is continuous with a variable speed up to 100°/s while the amplitude on the vertical axis varies from +90° to -40° with a maximum speed of 50°/s. ULISSE PLUS controls the functions of autopan and patrol with a tracking accuracy of 0.02° on preset positions upon recall. Patrol sequences can also be varied with different speed settings in order to customise a perfect patrol pattern.

This PTZ system is equipped with incremental encoders for position feedback, which guarantee an exact position control in any operating condition.

ULISSE PLUS is equipped with a thermostatically controlled heater and sunshield, assuring an optimal operating temperature.

The positioning unit can be used in several kinds of installations, such as coast and border patrol, harbour control, urban settings, highway and traffic monitoring, stadiums, industries, prisons or military applications, and perimeter surveillance.