Just like for their DCZ USB-Keyboard and ULISSE IP hi-speed PTZ range, Videotec has announced the integration of their ALBERT edge-device for video content analysis with the Milestone XProtect IP video management platform.

The Milestone device support team recently released the XProtect Device Pack 5.3, which incorporates the ALBERT system into their list of interoperable products.

ALBERT is a fantastic new concept in CCTV systems, merging the most intelligent video analytics with operational ease, and providing optimal viewing to operators and recording systems.

Videotec has patented the cooperation between cameras providing the best recording and viewing facilities in one system. The built-in fault-tolerance and redundancy make it a must for mission critical outdoor applications, where multiple events can occur simultaneously and where operators are required to control a large number of cameras including PTZ models. Installation and operational costs of video analytics solutions are therefore minimised.

The unique ALBERT architecture creates an intelligent security network that actively aids guards in prompt decision making in video surveillance tasks.

This integration with Milestone XProtect, the most popular and globally proven open platform IP video management software, confirms the top-of-market status of this innovative product from Videotec, and adds extensive video interoperability opportunities to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

Check out the features of ALBERT and other exciting new products from Videotec at IFSEC (UK) on 16-19 May, booth #C60.