ULISSE NETWORK CAM is the new PTZ camera system for network cameras, with integrated telemetry receiver and housing, which is ideal for applications of video surveillance in external environments. The best performance is achieved with network cameras having an integrated RS232/RS485 telemetry output.

The positioning camera pan and tilt system can be controlled through a network, if the camera is provided with a RS232/RS485 telemetry output or through a dedicated RS485 serial line. ULISSE NETWORK CAM supports either network cameras with integrated zoom lenses or stand alone motorised zoom lenses.

Available in a version with an integrated wiper and IR LED lamps, the system’s rotation on the horizontal axis is continuous with a variable speed up to 100°/s while the amplitude on the vertical axis varies from +90° to -40° with a max speed of 40°/s. ULISSE NETWORK CAM controls the functions of autopan and patrol with a tracking accuracy of 0.02° on preset positions upon recall.

ULISSE NETWORK CAM is equipped with a thermostatically controlled heater assuring an optimal operating temperature.

The positioning unit can be used in several kinds of installations, such as coast and border patrol, harbour control, urban settings, highway and traffic monitoring, stadiums, industries, prisons or military applications, and perimeter surveillance.