MAXIMUS, the new line from Videotec, features a broad range of stainless-steel housings and integrated positioning units, designed for demanding applications in accordance with the strictest standards for environments with a risk of explosion.

Videotec has a much consolidated background in this field and many worldwide installations use its products. The new MAXIMUS line gathers this whole background to achieve the top level of technical know-how.

This range is characterised by absolute sturdiness, rugged construction, easy installation and low maintenance as well as VIDEOTEC’s high-quality level.

The MAXIMUS range comprises various versions to meet the most diverse installation requirements. From housings with heater and wiper to integrated positioning units with day / night camera, with dual optical / thermal imaging or with infrared illuminators.

MAXIMUS housings and pan and tilts are made of electro polished AISI 316L stainless steel for excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays, saline mist and pollutants present in the atmosphere.

The MAXIMUS range is recommended for installation in highly corrosive environments explosive risk, such as oil refineries petrochemical plants and marine areas.