Digivod, the German video management and PSIM software, fully integrated the IP cameras in the Ulisse and the MPX PTZ series, produced by Videotec, an Italian company well-known for the high-quality and flexibility, reliability and design of its products.


While the quality of cameras makes the tune in a security installation, it is the software that is interfacing the human operators. Thus, the software needs to expose the full power of the cameras while still remaining easy to use by the operators.

Digivod has always followed the principle of intuition – it is the simple installation, configuration and usage that made Digivod popular first in the German speaking area of Europe, then worldwide.

Following this path, Digivod now offers all powerful features of Videotec Ulisse and MPX PTZ series in its intuitive GUI. Using Videotec keyboards, joysticks, or standard PC equipment, the user can intuitively access all features of the Videotec cameras. For example, the user can smoothly steer PTZ in all zoom levels, switch views, play forward and back, and of course, turn on night-vision or control the famous wiper and washer that make Videotec the long-term investment for challenging out door surveillance.

All cameras can be controlled through Digivod clients, web browser, tablets and smartphone apps. All cameras can be controlled either from the site itself, or from headquarters of multiple sites. All cameras can be put to unlimited video walls by simple drag and drop.

All Videotec features come along with standard Digivod installation, with no special libraries or any additional costs.

"We are proud that our range of high-end cameras is being increasingly appreciated. With Digivod integration, our cameras can be used through an intuitive, simple software that is really plug-and-play," says Alessandro Franchini, Videotec marketing director.

"For us, the integration with Videotec Ulisse and MPX PTZ cameras is a must," says Dr Karsten Fourmont, the founder and managing director of Digivod.

"Videotec is well-known for its high-end cameras, especially optimal for very demanding outdoor environments. By integrating the control of Videotec cameras into the core of our software, we intend that all installers and end users can use these impressive cameras by simply turning a joystick."

Digivod is a video management and PSIM platform. It allows not only management of video, but integration of any security systems such as alarm systems, access control, command and control and fence systems by simple configurations. Its references range from small installations to huge safe city projects. Digivod customers appreciate the simplicity of the software and the flexible and competent support of the German company.

The Videotec Ulisse cameras offer a wide selection of rugged PTZ cameras, with integrated day/night and thermal ones, designed to meet every need of outdoor continuous monitoring even in difficult environmental conditions, without requiring maintenance. The Videotec MPX series is a sturdy and robust solution, in full compliance with all the highest EX PROOF standards for classified areas on explosive environments.

For more information, please contact Videotec.