NXPTZHD is an exceptional, stainless-steel, FULL-HD, PTZ camera that guarantees high-performance with high-definition images and is ideal for video surveillance applications in highly corrosive environments such as high-traffic areas, industrial zones and offshore/onshore marine areas.

The full-HD, day/night, 1080p, 60fps camera with 1/2.8in sensors and 30x zoom can accurately identify details of a scene, and provides from two to four video streams simultaneously (H.264 or MJPEG, up to a total of 20Mbit, depending on configuration).

The full-IP connectivity of NXPTZHD allows all camera and P&T functions to be controlled via network, including wiper, washer pump, pre-sets, illuminator activation and setup, using the most common ONVIF-S VMS’s on the market.

This elegant and compact HD PTZ camera requires no maintenance and is made entirely of AISI316L stainless-steel. A double surface-polishing process makes sure that resistance to corrosion is both improved and guaranteed.

Operational performance has been maximised with a variable horizontal and vertical speed of up to 100°/s and a pre-set recall accuracy of 0.02°. The IP66/IP68 rating ensures complete protection against bad weather and allows immersion in up to 1m water for two hours. The IP69 certification means that the device can be cleaned with high-pressure, high-temperature water jets. The operating temperature ranges from -40°C to 60°C.

Installation is really simple, thanks to the pre-installed multipolar cable that is supplied with the unit.

The HD-PTZ camera always comes with a built-in wiper, with a wide choice of tanks with washer pumps, with different delivery heights and capacities.