From its very beginnings, Videotec has always viewed protecting the environment as a responsibility towards the local community and the areas in which the company operates.

It’s a business choice that is crucial for supporting society welfare, especially in today’s industrial environment.

It is for this reason that Videotec has decided to cement its commitment by introducing the ISO 14001 Environment Management System standard.

Videotec undertakes to implement in their processes all necessary procedures to improve their performance when it comes to the environment.

This takes the form of limiting energy consumption linked to various activities through correct and responsible use of natural resources, and reducing the amount of waste products created.

By seeking to decrease the environmental impact of each step of a product’s lifecycle, from collection of raw materials through to product disposal, Videotec is determined to improve its environmental performance in all areas of production.

As a result, all members of the Videotec family, from offices to production, will get involved and be educated on correct behaviours such as the management of dangerous substances, the proper disposal of waste, the reduction of consumption of energy resources (water, electric energy, etc.), and more.

Videotec is ensuring that their product and service providers also follow production processes vigorously, in accordance with legislation and in keeping with the company’s stance on environmental impact.

In making this choice, Videotec is aiming to combine their business growth and competitiveness in international markets with a responsible and sustainable environmental policy that will guarantee client satisfaction.

At the same time, it will safeguard the environment and the future for generations to come.