Videotec has announced that its series of IP-based positioning systems, ULISSE, ULISSE COMPACT and MAXIMUS, support the ONVIF protocol and thus can be easily integrated with other ONVIF-conformant equipment, to ensure maximum flexibility and long system life.

Videotec is a member of ONVIF and strongly believes in the standardisation and integration of protocols related to network security devices, in order to offer real benefits to end users, a simple control management, a greater flexibility in the choice of devices and a longer life of the system. In fact, besides having joined ONVIF and PSIA, the company has already collaborated with many other manufacturers, including Milestone, for the integration of protocols for their IP-based products, notably the ULISSE PTZ, the ALBERT video analysis unit and the DCZ control keyboard.

The entire range of Videotec IP-based PTZ can be integrated easily into a digital system and offers IP control of all PTZ functions. All video and telemetry data is converted and sent over the network. The system offers the highest video compression rate via MPEG-4 technology for live video. The maximum frame rate is 25fps with maximum picture resolution Full D1.

Thanks to their continuous technological evolutions, Videotec’s camera positioning systems are unmatched in terms of maximum performance and competitiveness. The wide range of solutions offered for the outdoor monitoring market is unique.