Italian surveillance product manufacturer Videotec is sending a strong message to all players across the industrial, oil and gas and offshore markets: thanks to the most complete range of products in the world, the company is able to address any given video surveillance requirement in any environment, no matter how challenging or hazardous.

Videotec’s wide range of high-quality cameras and housings guarantee flawless video footage regardless of aggressive external factors, such as corrosion and explosive agents or pollution, the force of the sea or wind, ice cold, scorching heat, desert sand and even total darkness.

The key factors of Videotec’s success are excellent customer service and products which are highly innovative and of the very best quality.

The company said: "Videotec’s cameras are the best alternative to seeing things with your own eyes."

Videotec’s comprehensive portfolio mixes technological innovation and design to deliver high quality and unrivalled performance.

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