Ulisse radical thermal PTZ

Videotec has extended their ready-to-use range of RADICAL PTZ cameras, with the new ULISSE RADICAL THERMAL PTZ.

With P/T positioning capability and advanced thermal imaging, this camera is able to detect people and objects across a wide visual range in even the most difficult environmental conditions, such as total darkness, rain, storms, dust, extreme temperatures or thick smoke.

ULISSE RADICAL THERMAL PTZ combines the best thermal imaging cameras and lenses in a pre-configured, hassle-free PTZ system ensuring the highest level of performance. The user needs only to connect it to a power supply and carry out the simple final setup to adapt it to their requirements. The camera, lens and P/T movements are perfectly synchronised for the most effective detection, requiring no further configurations or maintenance.

These advanced PTZ systems feature an Uncooled Microbolometer (VOx) sensor, with a thermal video resolution of up to 640px x 512px. The 35mm-105mm lens offers a continuous zoom capacity up to 24x. Advanced Thermographic functions are available to adapt the system perfectly to specific installation requirements and obtain the clearest, most highly detailed images possible. The amazing autofocus capability allows quick and effective focussing, whilst retaining flawlessly clear images.

With the full IP models all the functions, including P/T, camera and lens, can be managed through most VMS systems on the market via a network, ONVIF Profile-S-compliant, allowing the user to obtain the highest level of situational awareness.

ULISSE RADICAL THERMAL PTZ ensures optimal and constant monitoring for the most important surveillance needs, including airports and military bases, borderlines, maritime areas, roads and tunnels, environmental monitoring and fire detection.