With the advent of Industry 4.0, SAB Bröckskes has recognised the demands of industrials users for Ethernet (IIoT) and developed robust and economic solutions.

This includes the production of small parts, for example sensor / actuators.

SAB Bröckskes has already developed robust and economic solutions.

With its new CATLine Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) product range, SAB offers cables for use in fields including cable chains, robots and high-temperature applications.

These cables guarantee safe and reliable data transmission within one to 600MHz.

The SPE Robot and C-Track cables are labs uncritical (paint wetting impairment substances, or PWIS), oil-resistant, UL approved and RoHS standards-compliant.

SAB’s product portfolio ranges from basic types and standard dimensions to custom cables made to customer requirements. New products are possible in small batches, which is especially useful for small or pilot productions.

SAB Bröckskes is a worldwide leading manufacturer of cables and wires, cable harnessing and temperature measuring solutions. More than 70 years of experience in cable manufacturing as well as in temperature measuring technique have turned a one-man business into a company with almost 500 staff members.

The strength of SAB Bröckskes is not only the manufacture of standard cables but also the construction of special items. SAB manufactures more than 1500 custom cables per year.