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SAB Announces the SAB 755 Exploration Cable

The SAB 755 Exploration is a highly flexible control and supply cable of functioning in extreme climatic conditions in the topside, drilling and loops of oil, gas and geothermal rigs.

These cables are functional in wet areas of machines and tools, as well as being able to operate in assembly and production lines. The new TPE sheath material offers flexibility and an operational temperature range from -50°C to +90°C. It is also resistant against mud, ultra-violet radiation and ozone.

The small outer diameter and space-saving construction, combined with its robustness, makes this cable a good solution for many outdoor applications. It is available in various hybrid types with communication and power cores.

The production possibilities of SAB range from basic types and standard dimensions to special cables according to the individual requirements of our customers. Many of our products are available in small quantities for small and pilot productions.

SAB Bröckskes is a worldwide manufacturer of cables and wires, cable harnessing, and temperature measuring techniques. More than 70 years of experience have allowed a one-man business to become a company with almost 500 staff members.

We not only manufacture standard cables but also special-purpose items. Every year SAB manufactures more than 1500 special cables for custom orders.

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