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High Mechanical Stress Cables

SAB Bröckskes offers a variety of cables suitable for high mechanical stress in the offshore industry.

MR 460

A robust special control cable with numbered cores and a fibre-reinforced PUR sheath. It has high tensile strength and is suitable for unprotected use.

  • Halogen-free
  • Reinforced outer sheath
  • Notch resistant, abrasion-resistant
  • Flexibility also at low temperatures
  • Weather-resistant
  • Oil-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Sunlight-resistant

SAB 755 Exploration

A robust, highly flexible control and power supply cable for offshore equipment in harsh environmental conditions.

  • UL / cUL recognised
  • Large temperature range
  • Small outer diameter
  • Small cable weight
  • Saltwater resistant according to UL 1309
  • Applications in topside drilling loops

SAB S 745 Exploration

A halogen-free, screened control cable for continuous flexible use in cable chains in rough environments.

  • UL / cUL recognised
  • Extremely large temperature range
  • Small outer diameter
  • Small cable weight
  • Long-distance coverage
  • EMC characteristics

SL 851 C Exploration

A motor connection cable for the electrical hook-up of drilling equipment, compressors, generators and pumps in difficult environments.

Compatible with DNC motors on frequency converters U^ 1,7 kV.

  • UL / cUL recognised
  • Extremely large temperature range
  • Low surface transfer impedance
  • Low mutual capacitance
  • EMC characteristics


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