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Ocean Specialists Inc. (OSI) is a leading consultancy firm for offshore network communications solutions. With extensive hands-on experience in the commercial and economic analysis, planning, design, implementation and management of subsea networks, OSI helps clients to optimize the return on investment of digital oilfield solutions.

OSI led the development of the first purpose built independently operated oil and gas network, and has continued this industry leadership role, actively developing more offshore oil and gas networks than any other project development or engineering organization in the world.

Offshore data solutions for operational and production efficiencies

Improvements in information flow that are generated by bringing fiber to offshore fields have led to proven financial benefits. Companies have reported results of up to 25% reduction in operating costs and 8% increase in production rates at fields around the world as a result of improvements in data communications between platforms, and from platforms to shore-based facilities.

Secure, robust data communications for the digital oilfield

Fiber-optic cable networks are the most efficient, most secure and most reliable way to implement the digital oilfield, but developing a data communications system is an intricate and complicated task. Bringing fiber-based networks to offshore facilities adds another layer of complexity that must be addressed early in the process to ensure successful network development.

Working with the experts at OSI brings assurance that all elements of planning, design, delivery and operations are carried out to a successful, high quality outcome and in the most technically sound, cost-efficient way possible.

Subsea cable project management solutions

Each phase of a subsea cable project can significantly impact the project schedule, the financial implications and the technical risks of the cable system.

Each phase, from subsea cable network planning to design and implementation, and from subsea network delivery to maintenance and lifecycle management must be carefully managed and addressed early in the planning phase of the network, and throughout the project development cycle.

Subsea data network planning

When planning a subsea cable installation, there are a number of considerations that will affect both the price and the design of the network.

OSI’s team has been created from a carefully selected group of subsea cable experts. Team members have experience as investors, owners, operators, installers and maintainers of submarine and terrestrial ‘backhaul’ fiber-optic networks. The company has an intimate understanding of the role each party plays in network planning and development, and brings the right people together to create a project team designed solely to maximize success and protect the clients’ interests.

Subsea data network design

The physical design of a subsea cable network can impact both costs and the long-term viability of the installation. Tolerance to risk, system reliability requirements and budget are key factors that are addressed during the network design phase.

OSI’s engineering team specializes in mechanical, electrical, optical transmission and ocean engineering. The network designed approach is critical to its long-term viability, and OSI’s engineering experience ensures the integrity of the system design, from network and route engineering to cable burial specifications, are implemented and optimized for each specific subsea cable project profile.

Subsea data network delivery

During the network delivery process an intimate knowledge and understanding of the processes and technologies involved is essential for ensuring the long-term viability of a network.
With offices and people strategically placed around the world, OSI has delivered more than 100 subsea data network projects to its global client base. Contact OSI today for the planning, design, delivery and operation of your offshore communications network.

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Press Release

Australia as an Oil & Gas Hub: OSI Team Reviews ‘The Buzz’ at the Recent AOG Conference

Members of the OSI team recently attended the Australasia Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference (AOG, Perth, Australia, 11 to 13 March 2015) and we were pleasantly surprised by the very positive and even optimistic view of our fellow event attendees.

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Fibre-Optic Submarine Communications Cable in Sub-Ice Arctic Environment

Optical fibre-cable systems are designed to carry vast amounts of information across the world's oceans with extremely high-reliability. The capabilities of these systems have also been adapted to other purposes, including scientific observation, military applications, communications to remote locations and communications to offshore oil and gas platforms.

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Press Release

7 April 2015

Members of the OSI team recently attended the Australasia Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference (AOG, Perth, Australia, 11 to 13 March 2015) and we were pleasantly surprised by the very positive and even optimistic view of our fellow event attendees.

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