The GTS-PP-100 system is a hybrid system combining a Polypropylene backing with a thermoplastic hybrid adhesive. This combination results in a product with the mechanical protection of polypropylene with the ease of installation of a traditional adhesive. This also allows for a lower preheat temperature and faster application then found with traditional 3LPP systems.

Superior mechanical protection:

  • The GTS-PP-100 sleeve has superior impact and shear resistance by virtue of its polypropylene backing. The sleeve is engineered for use in offshore applications where mechanical resistance is required and the rapid cooling of polypropylene allows better resistance to offshore laying rollers

Unique adhesive technology:

  • Allows for lower installation pre-heat temperatures and superior bonding to PP, PE and FBE coatings
  • The adhesive has been formulated to bond directly to the mainline coating; epoxy is applied to the steel only

Flexible installation:

  • GTS-PP-100 can be used as either a 2-layer or a 3-layer sleeve system with the same low preheat temperature
  • For added flexibility, the sleeve can be supplied as either pre-cut to the required pipe sizes or as bulk rolls

Long-term corrosion protection:

  • Provides a protective coating with the structural integrity of a seamless tube, providing excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment and excellent durability against abrasion and chemical attack

Saves time and money:

  • Lower pre-heat means less time heating and a faster installation