IMG Composites have announced that the firm has passed the most recent audit regarding adherence to the ISO24817 and ASME-PCC2 international composite pipe repair standards.

The audit was carried out by expert engineering consultancy ESR Technology, which has very special knowledge in the subject of these standards, being prominently involved in the development of both.

This latest audit against the ISO24817 and ASME-PCC2 Standards is one of many for IMG Composites over the years, with previous audits having been carried out in 2007, 2009 and 2011.

This audit was especially important as it was the first one against the new version of the ISO24817 Standard, which is now ISO24817:2015.

This new standard, which IMG Composites helped to draft by sitting on the ISO standard committee, is more onerous and detailed than the previous TS Standard and therefore the CompoSol® team were enthusiastic in getting to grips with having independent oversight of their qualification to this improved standard.

The audit covered pressure retention of holed, through-wall defects, which is an aspect of the standard that few composite repair companies are able to achieve.

IMG Composites commercial manager Ian Taylor said: "All composite repair companies should look to get audited against these international standards, and especially after the introduction of the new ISO24817:2015 standard.

"Similarly, all Oil & Gas Operators should look to only use composite repair companies that have passed the rigor of an external audit by an informed 3rd party to ensure quality and safety.

"When it comes to an expert auditor, who better than ESR Technology, the company that spearheaded the first stages of sophisticated composite pipe repair engineering at the turn of the century."

ESR Technology focuses on provision of consultancy, project management, analysis and testing, product and associated software development in the fields of: ensuring asset integrity, improving machine reliability, managing safety & risk and transferring best practice to Government and commercial organisations in the finance, insurance, oil & gas, transport, utilities, space, defence, and industrial sectors.

As the independent auditing company for IMG Composites against the standards, ESR Technology have a reputation for technical excellence, having developed advanced technologies and abilities with having staff that include acknowledged experts in a wide variety of science and engineering disciplines.

They operate a number of national centres of expertise, such as the National Centre of Tribology and the Pump Centre.

ESR Technology also chair the important HOIS joint industry working group in the Oil and Gas industry.