IMG Composites Management Team

IMG Composites is a company that places major importance on quality assurance and control. Operating in the emerging technology sector of composite repairs, IMG Composites has observed a significant variety in the quality of products and services that the competition offers. Therefore the provision of effective assurance activities which demonstrate to our customer that they will receive what they expect is key to our operation. IMG Composites’ Quality Advisor, Dave Hutchinson, explains below how the changes to the ISO Quality Management System requirements due in 2015 will improve and enhance Quality Assurance Systems.


A revised issue of the ISO 9001 standard is scheduled to be released in September 2015. The revision process together with the systematic review of ISO 9001 was completed in March 2012 and indicated that while there is still significant satisfaction with the current version of the standard, most people consider a revision appropriate.

As an Associate Member of the Chartered Quality Institute I have had the opportunity to view and respond to Committee Draft ISO CD/9001 which in its current form is going to introduce significant changes to the current Quality Management System requirements.

What’s new?

According to the draft design specification, the revised standard should (among other things):

  • Provide a stable core set of requirements for the next 10 years or more
  • Remain generic and relevant to all sizes and types of organization operating in any sector
  • Maintain the current focus on effective process management to produce desired outcomes
  • Take account of changes in Quality Management Systems practices and technology since the last major revision in 2000
  • Reflect changes in the increasingly complex, demanding and dynamic environments in which organizations operate
  • Apply Annex SL of the ISO Directives to enhance compatibility and alignment with other ISO Management System standards
  • Apply Annex SL, Appendix 2 High Level Structure core text which has introduced two new clauses relating to the context of the organisation, understanding the organization and it’s context and understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties
  • Together these clauses require the organisation to determine the issues and requirements that can impact on the planning of the Quality Management System and can be used as an input into the development of the Quality Management System
  • Facilitate effective organizational implementation and effective conformity assessment by first, second and third parties
  • Use simplified language and writing styles to aid understanding and consistent interpretations of it’s requirements

How will it affect business processes for the better?

The Committee Draft ISO CD/9001 now has a construct of 10 main clauses which replace the 7 clauses in the current version with major focus on, but not limited to, the following:

  • Planning – to address risk and opportunities
  • Support – with added clarity on Competence and Awareness
  • Operational Planning – with a more user friendly series of requirements
  • Performance Evaluation – which captures monitoring and audit activities and the resulting Management Review
  • Improvement – now has its own clause

What is its effect on IMG Composites and possibly composite repairs in general?

As an ongoing development programme, IMG Composites has always been active in the progressive and ongoing development of their Quality Management System with a focus on client requirements in all aspects of their operations. The introduction of the revised Standard will, as well as improving their current operational standards, provide an upgraded and advanced Management System which will underpin future development of IMG Composites’ products, delivery and customer satisfaction.

Why is IMG Composites well placed to embrace the change?

IMG Composites is currently operating with a mature and effective Quality Management System and as Managing Director of Qualiteq UK Ltd I and the IMG Composites management team work closely together to ensure that we have a precise understanding of the effectiveness of the System.

The company is ready to embrace the introduction of the revised Quality Management System requirements and is preparing the ground work based on current information.

Image: David Hutchinson and the IMG Composites Management Team; L-R Donald Chapman (Engineering Manager), John Rae (Operations Manager), David Hutchinson and Ian Taylor Business Development Manager). Photo: courtesy of IMG Composites.