MCU Miozinc

MCU Miozinc has been formulated and time-tested for more than 30 years to provide excellent performance as a surface-tolerant (ST) primer. This means that it can be applied on a steel substrate with light flash rust and in relative humidity (RH) up to 99%. MCU Miozinc offers fast cure and is compatible with all ferrous metals, as well as galvanising and caste iron. It features superior adhesion, with as low as 25mi-35mi profile of 10Mpa-14Mpa.

With 30 years in field applications on bridges, ships, offshore platforms, jettys, pipelines, storage tanks, refineries and chemical plants, this primer has performed well on various types of surface preparation. It will perform as well on a Swedish or NACE standard power tool ST3 (SP3), UHP or WAB preparation as an abrasive blasted SA 2 (SP 6). It will also adhere well to a surface profile of 25mi-35mi. We do however recommend that new steel is either abrasive-blasted or wheel-abraded to remove milscale.

We recommend all surface rust to be removed and, in the case of touch-up projects over existing coatings, that the existing coating-to-bare-steel interface is feathered in accordance with NACE visual standards. MCU Miozinc will also adhere well to existing coatings and we recommend an overlap of 5cm-10cm (2-4in).

MCU Miozinc has no maximum overcoat time and will not form zinc salts. It is compatible with most shop primers and will adhere well to existing alkyds, epoxies and polyurethanes. Miozinc has an elongation of 22%.