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PEMA Nozzle Welding Solution

The PEMA nozzle welding solution is a system created to improve the efficiency of pressure vessel production.

Designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind, the solution is optimal for heavy-duty workpieces that contain thick plates and large, prepared grooves. It is a good choice for heavy-duty workpieces and allows for laser groove canning, the automatic creation of robot programs, adaptive welding and video monitoring.

Automated nozzle welding reduces the defect rate in production and man-hours used for time-consuming and demanding multi-layer welding procedures.

The specifications of the solution are:

  • 500-2000mm workpiece diameter
  • 6000mm maximum workpiece length
  • 100-1000mm nozzle diameter
  • 15t maximum workpiece weight
  • 300mm distance between nozzles

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