Amid the increasing lack of welders and inclining prices, the Canadian NWP invested in automated production technology to streamline and secure its future production capacity.

With the PEMA Robotic Nozzle Welding station and smart automation technologies, the company has improved its production consistency and quality and gained significant savings in production time.

Surrounded by the flourishing fields of Central Alberta, a large production site welcomes its visitors. The facility, Innisfail Manufacturing, belongs to a prestigious Canadian oil & gas equipment manufacturer NWP Industries LP.

The company, a part of Terravest Industries (TVK.TO), operates in the oil and gas, renewables, mining, and agriculture sectors. The main products are pressure vessels and turn key energy processing equipment. As a major pressure vessel manufacturer, four to six pressure vessels go through the production pipeline weekly. The yearly volume reaches as high as 250 pieces.

“The total amount of pressure vessels is significant, but at the same, we are constantly challenged by the common phenomena; to find skilled workers for the factory. Thus, researching alternative manufacturing options, instead of manual welding, has become crucial,” describes Jason Greene, president of the Energy Processing Equipment Division, Terravest Industries.