DNV GL Software is pleased to announce the release of the latest update to the worldwide offshore accident databank (WOAD). WOAD is the world’s leading repository of offshore accident information. Improving Safety and managing risk requires understanding the hazards we face. The latest update to WOAD adds over 300 new accident records bringing the dataset up to the Hercules 265 blowout on 23rd July 2013.

The WOAD data is systematically organised and provides thorough detail on the accident and the unit involved, providing industry with the information you need to take lessons learnt and improve safety for the future.

With records of 6451 accidents occurring to 3795 operating units, WOAD continues to be a critical resource to those working in risk and hazard management, insurance and regulation in the offshore industry globally. The update has been issued to woad.dnv.com and is already available to all Safeti software members.Safeti software is the world’s most comprehensive data source of its kind available for offshore risk assessments and emergency planning. For more information, please contact software@dnvgl.com.

To read the newly published whitepaper of World Offshore Accident Databank, please click here.