The Manuplas® product range, from Advanced Insulation, consists of a variety of surface buoys, floats and vessel fendering systems for the marine market, and subsea buoyancy and moulded products for the offshore energy markets.

The in-house design and development team at the Manuplas® manufacturing facility provide innovative bespoke solutions from concept to manufactured product with their expertise in sprayed, cast and moulded polymer systems.

Surface Buoys, Floats and Vessel Fendering Systems


Advanced Insulation offer a wide range of Manuplas® products in to meet the growing demand for buoys and fender systems that are highly reliable, lightweight and able to withstand weathering and increasingly challenging marine conditions.

Products include: mooring buoys, navigation buoys, marker buoys, chain support buoys, pick up buoys, foam filled quayside fenders, donut and submarine fenders and vessel fendering systems.

Customers for Manuplas® buoys and floating fenders include ports, harbours, navies, marinas and sailing clubs.

Manuplas® high-performance buoys and floats are low-maintenance, practically unsinkable and are manufactured with a highly impact-absorbent and abrasion-resistant outer skin.

Manuplas® has been a leader in developing bespoke lightweight vessel fendering for over 15 years. Fenders can be applied to the side of a vessel or to the bow and installed as a single piece or as a series of multiple modules to suit the specific vessel.

Modular fender systems are easy and cost-effective to replace if sections become worn. Manuplas® has spent many years developing leading concepts for fendering systems mounted on windfarm service / crew transfer vessels and, in particular, modular bow fenders.

Customers for Manuplas® vessel fendering include vessel builders and operators, vessel maintenance companies and vessel owners.

Popular applications of Manuplas® fendering systems include wind farm support vessels, work boats, pilot boats, lifeboats, patrol boats, commercial vessels and luxury yacht tenders.

With reliability and durability as standard, Manuplas® fendering systems are also highly impact absorbent and virtually non-marking.

Subsea Buoyancy and Moulded Products

Advanced Insulation’s Manuplas® subsurface product range for the offshore energy markets includes a variety of market leading subsea buoyancy solutions alongside moulded polyurethane products for subsea impact and abrasion protection.

manuplasBuoyancy and protection products can be offered as a full package along with ContraTherm® Insulation where required.

Advanced Insulation has the capability to manufacture Manuplas® subsea buoyancy products from syntactic lightweight materials that can be used in depths in excess of 3000MSW.

The product range includes:

  • Installation Buoyancy: installation buoys, modsyn floats, umbilical floats, modular buoys and pipelaying floats
  • Engineered Buoyancy: distributed buoyancy modules incorporating proprietary engineered clamp technology, ROV buoyancy, ROV umbilical flotation and bespoke subsea buoyancy
  • Protection Products: cable and flowline protection
  • Clamping Solutions: piggyback saddles and clamps, umbilical clamps, compliant clamps, banding and banding tools

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