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ContraBlast® is a lightweight, bi-directional blast and fire wall developed by Advanced Insulation to meet the needs for combined blast and fire protection in a weight-saving solution for offshore retro-fit applications.

Certified by DNV and BV, ContraBlast® can be used across a broad range of industries, including offshore and onshore oil and gas applications, defence, renewables and LNG.

ContraBlast® is used to protect a large range of equipment, including stairwells, equipment rooms, DCS, LERs, E-houses, accommodation blocks and can be used to protect LNG tanks, ESDVs, Vessels and a range of process equipment.

contrablastContraBlast® is ideally suited for installation for brownfield applications in areas with restricted access since the panels are simple to install using bolted connections. No wet trades such as painting are required.

The ContraBlast® blast and fire wall protection provides up to 1.5barg blast protection, two hours of jet fire and hydrocarbon pool fire protection at H120 or JF120 and up to 50% weight saving over traditional solutions, which can be applied in confined spaces.

Unlike steel-based alternatives, ContraBlast® blast and fire wall protection is designed to remain rigid after it is subject to a blast of this magnitude, absorbing the blast load energy so that the full blast load is not directly transferred to the primary structure.

Weighing just 53kg per square metre for the maximum blast overpressure of 1.5barg, it can be utilised on offshore platforms, stairwells, escape routes and control rooms where weight saving is critical.

Thinner and lighter versions for low blast overpressures and environmental loads are available upon request.

workers with contrablastFeatures include:

  • Integrated passive fire protection (PFP) and insulation up to H120 and J120
  • Blast rating up to 1.5bar
  • Nominal weight 53 kg/m2 for 1.5bar application
  • Dry fit installation
  • Space saving
  • Can be designed for bi-directional blasts
  • Zero welding and therefore no compromise to corrosion coating
  • Zero degradation of PFP after blast event
  • Rigorously tested system for use in an offshore environment
  • 30+ year design life

Each project is different when it comes to blast load calculations depending on space, congestion, critical equipment, fire protection and wind loading.

Advanced Insulation has a dedicated team to specify materials, provide CAD and FEA analysis and provide structural arrangement support. ContraBlast® can be easily adapted to suit the ever-changing environments and challenges.

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