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Third Educational Course on Oil and Gas Fire

oil and gas fire

The annual educational course on oil and gas fire will take place 24-26 September in Trondheim, Norway. This year’s main theme "hotter than fire" will focus on how different fires can generate very different heat loads, and the consequences for structural responses in real fires and in jet fire testing. The topic is highly relevant with respect to fire safety on and offshore, dimensional accidental loads, and the use of passive fire protection. The course includes a demonstration of a large-scale fire test at the
Norwegian fire research laboratory SINTEF NBL’s test site.

It is a three-day course, with day one providing basic knowledge preceding days two and three of the course. Participants will be introduced to fire theory and analysis, including combustion theory, smoke production, response to fire, and the calculation of heat loads and structural response.

Participants will be introduced to advanced approaches on days two and three of the course to calculate heat loads from fires and structural response. The concept of quantitative risk analysis, fire modeling with special focus on the CFD tool "Kameleon FireEx KFX®", and fire testing related to the main theme will be discussed.

Participants are welcome to register for all three days or only days two and three, depending on existing knowledge and skills. Lectures will be given by representatives from SINTEF NBL, ComputIT, Scandpower and an invited speaker from the oil industry.

Register for the course here.

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