HYDAC Unveils New Filter-IT² Software

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HYDAC is pleased to announce that the new Filter-IT² is now available on its website!

This online filter calculation programme has been revised and optimised to become a modern software package, leading you to the right filter fast, intuitively and precisely.

In the Filter-IT², there are various ways to enter and access the desired area and it is made up of three sub-programs: Size-IT² for filter selection, Select-IT² for matters relating to filter configuration and Customise-IT² for user and customer access.

Features of the upgrade programme include:

  • Optimisation for online use and mobile applications (tablets and smartphones)
  • Permanent data maintenance with a new data sheet design
  • It is now possible to search for suitable filter assemblies within a product selection recommended by HYDAC. The advantage of this is that existing filters with part numbers are used, making processing much easier and faster if an order is placed.
  • Variable tolerances
  • Login with authorisation structure
  • Enlarged results list not restricted on basis of series, filtration rating or element material
  • Rapid restriction of the extensive results list on basis of standard navigation as used on the Internet
  • Simulation of the cold start performance at a freely selectable viscosity
  • High pressure stainless steel filters included with an extended fluid list

Have lots of fun trying out the new Filter- IT²!

For more information, please contact HYDAC via the enquiries form.

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