Warco is dedicated to providing the most technologically advanced filtration systems to maximise production safety, quality, reliability and efficiency in liquid and gas purification. Warco serves process industries while helping to protect the environment.

Warco specialises in corrosion-resistant filtration systems with advanced design and material technologies. Filter configurations include high flow pleated elements, double open end (DOE) and single open end (SOE) cartridges, horizontal discs, bags and activated carbon or oil absorbent rechargeable canisters. Warco filtration applications include purifying acids, desalination pre-filtration, and pipeline and pigging streams, sanitary processes and bio hazardous vent filters.

High flow filter elements

Chemtrex® pleated filter technology, a division of Warco, meets the most demanding process applications. Chemtrex® filter elements employ thermally bonded, micro-fiber filter media capable of filtering minute particles that escape other filtration methods.

Warco is dedicated to providing high-quality filtration systems for maximising production, safety, reliability and efficiency in liquid purification and process industries while serving to protect the environment.
Series CH elements are constructed from a thermally bonded, absolute-rated, high-porosity, filter media for meeting high flow requirements at low micron ratings.
Chemtrex® melt blown cartridges function as a true depth filter, removing larger particles or biding type solids within the outer zone. The gradient density extends filter life to maximise dirt holding capacity with minimal change-outs.
The sanitary filter housings have a surface polished to 0.3um Ra for fast and easy surface cleaning, which minimises the risk of contamination and enhances corrosion resistance.

Filtering at absolute Beta 5000 retention levels requires a total system that can hold the captured particles, without instantaneous blinding of the media, while maintaining removal efficiencies of 99.98%. This eliminates the guesswork associated with nominal filter systems that filter in the range of 50-70% efficiency.

Chemtrex filter technology meets critical quality control standards, as required in high purity electronics, fine decorative plating, plating on plastics (POP), Mil spec applications, fine chemical processing, ultra-pure liquids, water treatment and RO pre-treatment processes. High flow filter features include:

  • Absolute rated, high surface area (up to 125ft² per element) for maximum flow ratings
  • Precisely meets the most demanding low or sub-micron requirements
  • Five to 20 times more surface area (with 20-80 times the life) than conventional bags
  • High solids loading capacity with the convenience of a bag
  • Highly porous, pure media is free of fibrous particulate matter
  • Lightweight, crushable PP material for more efficient disposal or recycling

Chemtrex high flow filter elements are complemented by a wide range of stainless steel, copolymer lined, polypropylene and PVDF filtration vessels.

Metallic filtration systems – pipeline filter

Pipeline operations are most common in varied industrial sectors where materials in liquid and semi-liquid forms are transferred from one source to another. Often these pipelines confront interruptions in flows, flaws or cracks due to plugging. Installing a high-quality, efficient and functional filter system that can sweep away the slug of solids in front of the pig is important. This ensures the operational effectiveness of the pipeline and consequently the smooth running of the line. Pipeline filter features include:

  • With 24in diameter, 80in filter and flow of more than 4,900GPM, Warco Pipeline pigging filter systems are capable of removing solid slugs exceeding 300lbs
  • Warco Filters™ are capable of handling five times more flow than standard pipeline filters
  • With a large vessel diameter, Warco Filters are capable of holding 11 times more solids
  • Each Warco 80in filter can match the solids holdings on 65 standard 30in depth cartridges
  • The flow pattern in Warco Filters is from inside to outside; This allows all the solids to be captured within the filter element, leaving no residue traces in the vessel for cleaner and faster change-outs

Sanitary filter for high-purity systems

Warco specialises in sanitary-grade filtration equipment for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and cleaning-in-process requirements. Filter housings (i.e. chambers or vessels) are constructed in stainless-steel grades 304 or 316, with a high polish for high purity and CIP systems. Sanitary filter housings can be equipped with various types of replacement industry-standard filter elements with our Chemtrex advanced filter cartridges, elements and bags in a wide range of micron ratings, efficiencies, sizes and configurations.

Materials used for the elements, media and support structure include: 304 and 316 stainless steel, 100% pure thermoplastics and fluoroplastics.

Warco’s high flow and 226 pleated element designs include:

  • 1-30in (No.2) x 6inØ
  • 1-40in x 6inØ
  • 6-40in x 6inØ
  • 17-40in x 6inØ

Conventional DOE, 222 and 226 cartridge designs are also available.

Corrosive handling process

Warco metallic filters for corrosive handling are available in higher grade alloys such as super duplex stainless steel or copolymer-lined vessels, providing long-term reliability in corrosive applications. Our complete range of non-metallic filtration equipment encompasses horizontal discs, high-performance pleated elements, conventional cartridges and carbon treatment systems. These systems are fully resistant to chlorine, sea water or brackish water, acidic waste water and even concentrated acids.

Warco has successfully pioneered an effective solution for corrosive and high-purity filtration processes with the use of Teflon® and fluoroplastics such as ethyltetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).

Our Teflon filter range is customarily used in applications such as:

  • Acid and caustic manufacturing
  • Metal treatment and finishing
  • Steam and vent purification
  • Water treatment
  • Desalination
  • RO pre-filtration
  • Purification systems that collect particulate matter from air streams