Filter life is largely a function of media surface area. CH high flow filter elements provide 10-20 times more media surface than conventional filter bags for reducing fluid velocity and surface layer density, resulting in maximised filter life.

CH elements meet high flow ratings in a single element, replacing vast quantities of spent conventional cartridges. Whether it’s high purity at absolute ratings, high flows at low or sub-micron levels and/ or high solids loading requirements, Chemtrex® CH High Flow Filter elements offer optimal efficiencies, extended filter life and simplified maintenance procedures.

Additional features

  • Positive O-ring seal prevents by passing of solids – even in elevated temperatures
  • Simplified maintenance allows for rapid change outs in only 5-10 minutes

Micro ratings

  • Precise absolute rated elements (from 0.5 to 150 micron) up to 99.98% (Beta 5000) removal efficiencies in accordance with ISO 16889:1999 standards.


  • Compact design minimises installation costs and floor space requirements
  • Precise media rating avoid unnecessary guess work and potential loss of finished product
  • High flow rates with low pressure drop reduces pump size and power consumption
  • Harmful impurities are removed from process solutions to maximise chemistry life
  • Solids particulates are removed on a single pass more effectively increasing production yields
  • Minimised filter mass decreases waste material and disposal costs

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