Warco high-performance, corrosive handling fluroroplastic and Teflon® Filter housing are designed to withstand constant contact with harsh acids, bases and solvents. This range of filters demonstrates excellent operational capabilities even in applications that are exposed to extreme temperatures. Latest technological advancements in chemically resistant lining materials maximise production up-time.

Depending on the type of applications the Teflon® filter housing can be equipped with:

  • Discs filters
  • 225 SOE – CHEMTREX® CH high flow cartridges
  • Carbon treatment

Like our Warco Series GFL copolymer lined disc filter systems employ a disc pack design to ensure positive sealing at the ‘eye’ of the disc and around the parameter. The result is ‘bubble tight’ sealing to protect your process from harmful carbon and solids by-passing.

Typical applications include:

  • Bright nickel carbon treatment
  • Acid copper continuous filtration & bath reconditioning
  • Zinc chloride
  • Carbon treatment tank polishing
  • Waste water treatment

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