CHEMTREX® Melt Blown Filter Elements

Chemtrex® Melt Blown cartridges are made of pure first generation polypropylene resin meeting FDA regulation 21CFR177.1520. No binders, lubricants or antistatic agents are used in our manufacturing process. Chemtrex® melt blown polypropylene filters are manufactured, tested and certified under NSF/ANSI 61 standards.

The inert polypropylene resin provides exceptional chemical compatibility to handle a wide range of process fluids.

Chemtrex® cartridges are designed for knife-edge seal housing to provide a positive seal without the use of end caps or gaskets (EPDM or Viton® gaskets are available) Chemtrex® cartridges are fully interchangeable with most standard pleated, string wound and other melt blown cartridges.

Technical features:

  • Absolute efficiency ratings include 90% or 99.98%
  • All components are manufactured in-house to ensure accuracy, consistency and purity
  • Chemtrex® Melt blown cartridge structure incorporates 3 ‘zones’ with gradient densities. Triple gradient depth filtration is achieved with our latest technology fiber production
  • This design allows us to create three distinct filter zones: larger particles are trapped and filtered out in the outer zone and smaller particles are trapped in the inner zones. The tighter matrix of the inner zone also provides exceptional strength and functions as a self supporting core, eliminating the need for a separate center core
  • Triple gradient design allows for optimum dirt holding capacity and minimal change-outs


  • Pure NSF61 MOC free of harmful contaminants
  • Validated efficiency ratings
  • Optimises chemical resistance and purity

Chemtrex® filters are available in <1 to 100> nominal or absolute micron ratings and will fit standard filter housing.


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