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Volga-Dnepr Airlines is the world leader in the transportation of oversize and super-heavy cargo. The company provides the whole package of logistics services for air charter movements of complex, special and oversize cargo. It operates a unique fleet of ramp aircraft, including ten Antonov-124-100 Ruslan aircraft and five Ilyushin-76 freighter aircraft. It offers door-to-door delivery, including trucking, ocean freight, and rail freight as well as air cargo.

Transportation for the oil and gas industry

Volga-Dnepr provides transportation services on An-124-100, IL-76TD-90VD and Boeing 747 freighters to the world’s leading oil and gas companies. The airline has transported over 130,000t of industrial and oil and gas equipment, having performed more than 1,600 flights to different regions of the world.

Typical projects include the prompt delivery of oversized equipment to a barely accessible mountain airport and delivering oil and gas equipment from Europe to the Far East. Loading and unloading of non-demountable large-scale units is another of the company’s proven skills.

No other freight forwarder in the world has as much experience as Volga-Dnepr. Over more than 20 years, the company has proven that it will find an individual solution for every task. Oil and gas customers include British Petroleum, Calgary Overseas, Canadian Oxy Offshore International, Exxon Mobile and Shevron-Texaco.

Express delivery of oversize and super-heavy cargo

The transportation of bulky and super-heavy equipment used to take months for ground or sea deliveries. Today, Volga-Dnepr professionals arrange the same deliveries within days. This significantly expedites production processes for customers, reducing costs and providing additional competitive advantages.

Volga-Dnepr aircraft can land on unprepared runways and carry out cargo loading and unloading without the need for specialist airport handling equipment. This is of particular value for the delivery of oil and gas equipment to remote regions where oil and gas fields are in the process of being explored.

The optimal combination of aircraft performance, loading scheme and special technical solutions ensure that cost-efficient transportation of any cargo can now be achieved within the shortest time possible.

Leading offshore air cargo carrier

The outstanding operating capability of the AN-124-100 aircraft has revolutionised the logistics market. Companies in major industry sectors such as oil and gas, heavy construction, energy generation, aerospace and the automotive industry no longer needed to suffer the uncertainties of sending critical cargoes on long road and sea journeys that could take weeks. Using the AN-124, they are able to achieve delivery times measured in hours, significantly improving their planning and productivity.

Based on its total operating results, Volga-Dnepr Group is now ranked among the top ten air cargo carriers in the world. Its annual freight turnover amounts to 1.9 billion tonne-kilometres with 243,000t of cargo carried successfully. The group’s sales turnover is $1.3bn.

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Press Release

Volga-Dnepr Completes Urgent Cable Spool Delivery to Offshore Gas Drilling Vessel in Bulgaria

Volga-Dnepr Airlines was quick to respond to a customer’s request to move a 30t shipment, including a 25t cable spool, from Maastricht in the Netherlands to Varna, Bulgaria, to urgently replace failed equipment on the Noble Globetrotter II drilling vessel developing an offshore gas field.

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Volga-Dnepr Special O&G Edition

On average, Volga-Dnepr is now called into service by customers in the oil and gas industry more than once a week, and over the course of its 25-year history, we have operated more than 1,438 flights and carried more 94,000 tonnes of cargo for them.

Volga-Dnepr Airlines

14 Karbysheva str.

Ulyanovsk, 432072


+7 8422 590059 +7 8422 590142 / 202675

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Press Release

29 June 2016

Volga-Dnepr Airlines was quick to respond to a customer’s request to move a 30t shipment, including a 25t cable spool, from Maastricht in the Netherlands to Varna, Bulgaria, to urgently replace failed equipment on the Noble Globetrotter II drilling vessel developing an offshore gas field.

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22 June 2016

A special loading system developed for the transportation of long cargoes provided the perfect solution to help load a 35m telescopic crane bridge onboard a Volga-Dnepr Airlines’ An-124-100 freighter for its delivery to Rio de Janeiro.

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5 May 2016

Volga-Dnepr Airlines first-ever 'season' of cargo flights to Antarctica transported more than 190t of cargo to support the new DROMLAN international Antarctic project supported by nations, including Belgium, Germany, Finland, India, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Sweden and the UK.

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27 April 2016

A large, 30t spherical ‘ball valve’ with atypical dimensions required the design and manufacture of a special frame by Volga-Dnepr to ensure its safe transportation from Milan, Italy, to Mumbai, India, via a refueling stop in Turkmenistan onboard IL-76TD-90VD aircraft.

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23 March 2016

Volga-Dnepr Airlines’ quick response operations for the oil and gas industry were called into action to ensure the urgent repair of a compressor at Russia’s only natural gas liquefaction plant, Sakhalin-2.

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10 September 2015

Volga-Dnepr Airlines has delivered an 11t oil and gas pump right to the door of a customer in the town of Farab, Turkmenistan.

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14 August 2015

Volga-Dnepr Airlines has completed two simultaneous IL-76TD-90VD cargo flights to ensure the fastest possible delivery of urgent mobile drilling equipment for an oil and gas customer in Kuwait.

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13 May 2015

Chapman Freeborn Airchartering and Volga-Dnepr Airlines have helped to keep a key oil facility open by delivering a time-critical outsize part from Switzerland to Brazil.

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13 February 2015

A team of Volga-Dnepr Airlines' experts in Ulyanovsk, Russia, and London Stansted combined their expertise to expedite an urgent shipment of oil production equipment from Scotland to Turkey.

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11 February 2015

Logistics provider G&O Solutions chose to partner with Volga-Dnepr Airlines when it needed to transport 50t of gas equipment for a compressor station from Kazan in Russia to Karshi, Uzbekistan.

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30 October 2014

How significant are your charter freight operations for the oil and gas industry?

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29 July 2014

Volga-Dnepr Group's Engineering & Logistics Center (ELC) recently developed a special loading frame to provide a timely and cost-efficient solution to move a 30t oil and gas shipment on-board an IL-76TD-90VD plane from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia.

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10 July 2014

Two freighters from Volga-Dnepr Airlines' fleet, An-124-100 and IL-76TD-90VD, were called into action to deliver more than 80t of oil and gas equipment to Cape Town in South Africa.

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23 June 2014

Volga-Dnepr Airlines has delivered a mobile 24m-high drilling rig on-board its AN-124-100 Ruslan freighter from Novy Urengoy to Mirny, Russia for Verkhnechonskoe oil-gas condensate field.

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10 March 2014

Volga-Dnepr Airlines has enhanced its reputation for supplying end-to-end logistics services by managing the delivery of a 73t turbine 'runner' to Russia's Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station, one of the world's leading producers of electrical energy.

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7 March 2014

Oversize and super-heavy cargo transportation leader Volga-Dnepr Airlines recently delivered 45t of oil and gas equipment onboard a IL-76TD-90VD aircraft from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Prestwick, UK.

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4 March 2014

A 103t turbine rotor has arrived in Yekaterinburg, Russia from Frankfurt, Germany aboard an An-124-100 Ruslan heavy freighter aircraft operated by Volga-Dnepr Airlines.

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Regional Offices

Volga-Dnepr Airlines

14 Karbysheva str.

Ulyanovsk, 432072


+7 8422 590059 +7 8422 590142 / 202675
Volga-Dnepr UK

Endeavour House

Coopers End Road

Essex, CM24 1AL

London-Stansted Airport

United Kingdom

+44 1279 66 11 66 +44 1279 66 11 03 www.volga-dnepr.com
Volga-Dnepr Gulf

Free Zone, Sharjah International Airport

United Arab Emirates

+9 716 557 02 37 +9 716 557 02 38
Volga-Dnepr Japan

Onarimon Yusen Bldg 6F 3-23-5

Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku

Tokyo 105-0003


+81 3 5777 4029 +81 80 4085 3939 (Mob)
Volga-Dnepr Unique Air Cargo

Town Centre Plaza

9400 Grogans Mill Rd, Suite 220

The Woodlands, Tx 77380

United States of America

+1 832 585 86 11 +1 877 548 55 47 (toll-free) +1 832 585 86 18
Volga-Dnepr China

2108 Air China Building

36 Xiaoyun road

Chaoyang district, 100027


+86 10 8447 55 02 +86 10 8447 55 01

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