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Waste Heat Recovery Systems

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CiTECH Energy Recovery Systems UK is a UK-based manufacturer that supplies waste heat recovery systems to the on and offshore oil and gas community.

We carry out all engineering procedures according to current and relevant quality standards, including ISO 9001- 2008, ASME 8/9 and NORSOK, and we are Lloyd’s accredited.

Concentric coil waste heat recovery systems

CiTECH has incorporated the benefits of concentric coil technology derived from years of fired heater experience together with a wealth of knowledge and activity, providing waste heat recovery to the offshore industry. We strive to develop leading-edge technology that features laden benefits, providing tangible returns.

Concentric integral bypass and silencer waste heat recovery unit

The concentric integral bypass and silencer (CiBAS) waste heat recovery unit (WHRU) is our unique patented system for recovering energy from gas turbine (GT) exhaust gas, which significantly increases the turbine train efficiency.

Three WHRUs for Chevron Tahiti deployed in the Gulf of Mexico.
Four WHRUs for SBM Monaco's FRADE FPSO (end user - Petrobras).
A CiBAS module dispatched and ready for installation.
Sleipner platform in the North Sea utilising CiBAS WHRU.
CiTECH supplied three WHRUs for Chevron Tahiti deployed in the Gulf of Mexico.

CiBAS is installed at the gas turbine exhaust outlet and acts as both the process recovery unit and the sound attenuating system, eliminating the need for an additional exhaust and silencer.

Offshore platforms are extremely confined and the need to restrict weight is a pressing concern with high associated costs. CiBAS was developed with this in mind and offers significant gains, both monetary as well as operational.

We have supplied and have orders for 62 CiBAS systems as well as 180 traditional WHRU systems to companies such as TOTAL, ONGC, Shell, Reliance, BP, Lukoil, Chevron, Maersk, and many more. Our track record and supply history for WHR in both onshore and offshore sectors is exceptional, having proved our reliability and performance in the field.

Integrated WHRU for gas turbine train efficiency

Thermal efficiencies in the gas turbine train can increase from around 33% to around 70% efficiency when waste heat is recovered by the CiBAS WHRU.

The captured energy can be used for a variety of heat processes such as heating oil, water or water / glycol for processing oil and gas, and gas regeneration.

WHRU technology benefits

Benefits of the CiBAS WHRU include:

  • Weighs up to 30% less against traditional WHRU technology
  • Footprint is up to 50% less with integration of heat exchanger and exhaust
  • Separate silencer not required as incorporated into the design (<85db = low noise level)
  • Gas turbine range of up to 58MW (400°C to 500°C+ range)
  • ATEX-certified with ‘cold case’ design (outer case temperature: 65°C)
  • Integral fail-safe bypass sleeve
  • Low maintenance costs due to simple design; all routine services are undertaken at GT shut-down periods
  • Modular unit arrives fully assembled and pre-tested for single day installation
  • Linear flow pattern of damper control; simple design and fewer moving parts results in reliable technology
  • Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) studies highlight improved gas flow through the heat exchanger, providing optimal heat recovery and reduced resonance
  • Sealing efficiency remains consistent throughout the life of the CiBAS without the need for maintenance

WHRU for arctic conditions

For cold climates, we apply the CiBAS process for platform ice clearance and accommodation heating, allowing for continuous use in arctic conditions.

Fast WHRU installation

The CiBAS WHRU is completely designed, assembled and tested at our factory in Hull and arrives on-site ready to be installed and commissioned with minimal engineering input. Very simply, the unit can be bolted in place, flange-to-flange, in just one day.

CiTECH is a member of the Tanjung Offshore Group, Kula Lumpur, Malaysia.

White Papers

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    CiTECH Energy Recovery Systems UK has recently become authorised to use the 'U' symbol of the American society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The symbol can be used under the following scope: manufacture of pressure vessels at Unit 22, Kingston Business Park, Somerden Road, Hull HU9 5PE

  • CiTECH Approved by LRQA for ISO 9008:2008 Renewal

    CiTECH Energy Recovery Systems UK has been approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) for renewal of the following quality management system standards: ISO 9001:2008 to 30 June 2013. The quality management system is applicable to: 'Design, project management, manufacture, asse


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