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Norbar Torque Tools

Torque Wrenches, Torque Multipliers, Pneumatic Torque Wrenches, Torque Measurement, Torque Equipment for Sub-Sea, Ultrasonic Bolt Length Measurement

Beaumont Road,
Banbury, Oxfordshire,
OX16 1XJ Other,
United Kingdom

Beaumont Road,
Banbury, Oxfordshire,
OX16 1XJ Other,
United Kingdom

Norbar manufactures precision torque tool and torque calibration equipment and, with branches in UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and China plus worldwide distributor coverage, can serve industry globally.

Norbar has developed an expertise in serving offshore technology industries, particularly in sub-sea tools and measurement systems to be operated from ROVs and torque equipment for harsh environments.


Norbar offer a huge range of hand operated torque wrenches covering torque values from 1N.m to 1,500N.m.

The range includes models with robust, square drive ratchet heads and models with a spigot to accept a range of interchangeable fittings. This versatility means that torque control can be brought to most bolts.

Norbar’s robust and unique ‘Industrial’ torque wrench features a 20 degree break angle. This cam controlled mechanism ‘breaks’ gently so that the operator is always in control. The major advantage of this system is that it virtually eliminates over torque.


To apply greater torques with a hand torque wrench either means increasing the lever length or increasing the force applied. Both of these can be impractical or dangerous. For higher torques Norbar have developed a range of torque multipliers which, in combination with a torque wrench, can apply very high torque with great accuracy in a compact package. For example, 1,000N.m can be safely and accurately applied with a total package weight of 2.85kg and a lever length of 307mm.

The above example is Norbar’s smallest torque multiplier. Other models are available to apply torques up to 100,000N.m.

Handtorque™ multipliers can be powered with a hydraulic motor. Many such multipliers are used sub-sea, operated from ROVs.

Reducing mass on ROVs is critical and Norbar have experience in the use of light weight materials to make substantial weight reductions when compared with our standard products in order to meet the needs of our customers.


When a powered bolting solution is needed for high torque fasteners, the Pneutorque® offers unmatched performance in many key respects. It offers accurate torque control, it is quiet (less than 85dB), vibration is virtually negligible (approximately 1m/s²) and the tools are fast compared with ratcheting hydraulic torque wrenches.

The Pneutorque range covers torques from 100N.m to 100,000 N.m. They are not just for bolting but can be used for any application where a high, continuous torque output is required such as value actuation, barring of engines or other heavy equipment during build or maintenance and cable tensioning.


Norbar’s range starts with the simple to use and low cost ‘TruCheck’ torque wrench tester and extends through to full torque calibration laboratories.

Our ‘Harsh Environment’ (HE) range has been designed specifically with the needs of the offshore industry in mind. The heart of the system is the HE display instrument which is IP65/67 rated. To complement the instrument, a range of HE transducers is available, fully manufactured in stainless steel and sealed against water and dust ingress. Transducers for sub-sea use can be engineered for the particular applications of ROV operators.


Norbar have set up calibration laboratories for torque up to 6,800N.m and accredited to national standards in the United Kingdom (UKAS), Australia (NATA), USA (NVLAP) and Singapore (SINGLAS). The UK factory also offers calibration traceable to national standards up to 100,000 N.m. Through our own facilities and those of our distributors, we can support our products worldwide.


Using ultrasound, Norbar’s USM can measure the change in length of a bolt due to the tightening process and from this the precise load in the bolt can be calculated by the instrument. Ideal for critical fasteners, this system can determine the load in a bolt many times more accurately than torque control alone.

Norbar Launches New Torque App

Norbar Torque Tools is launching a handy torque conversion calculator as a free download on Android and iPhone systems. Similar to the calculator featured at the company's website, the new app offers instant conversion across a full range of SI, metric and imperial units. Being able to

Norbar TrukTorque Shaped for Success

The newly launched TrukTorque™ pneumatic torque multiplier from Norbar Torque Tools features a special banana shaped design reaction arm to handle bolt tightening on both front and rear wheels of trucks and buses. The design also easily accommodates wheel trims and deeply recessed wheel bol

Ultrasonic Moscow Gold for Norbar

The USM-3 ultrasonic bolt meter, manufactured by Norbar Torque Tools, has won a gold medal* at the recent MetrolExpo show in Moscow. This is a leading event for metrology, the science of measurement, and the award was presented "for high-quality accuracy of measurement, ease of use, storage and r

HSE Confirms Norbar Multiplier’s Good Vibrations

Recent tests carried out by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have demonstrated that vibration exposure for operators using pneumatic torque multipliers to tighten 100 commercial vehicle wheel nuts was ten times lower than when traditional impact wrenches are used. The Norbar Pneutorque

UKAS Acknowledges Norbar Expertise

The Norbar Torque Tools calibration laboratory in Banbury, Oxfordshire has achieved an extended level of endorsement from the government-recognised United Kingdom Accreditation Service, being awarded UKAS accreditation for performing calibrations to 108,500nm of torque under BS7882: 2008.

Norbar Receives Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade

A glowing example of British manufacturing, Norbar Torque Tools, based in Banbury, has been honoured with the Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade for its contribution to UK manufacturing exports. The family-owned business has become the world's top specialist manufacture

Norbar Torque Tools Wins Coutts Prize for Family Business

Norbar Torque Tools from Banbury has been named ‘Best UK Family Business, Southern England and Wales Region’, in the £5-25m turnover category of the Coutts Prize for Family Business 2008/9. The company will now go on to compete in the same category at the national finals to be held in central L

Safety for Heavy Industry

Quick, easy, safe and, best of all, cost-effective. What better list of benefits for a new piece of testing equipment? It was developed to take care of the tough and arduous conditions found in garages dealing with trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles, but the TruCheck 1000 is also eminently su

Ultrasonic Measurement Ensures Mechanical Joint Integrity

Although measurement of the torque applied to a bolt or other threaded fastener during tightening provides sufficient feedback in most applications, there are more specialised tasks where measurement of the fastener tension is essential to ensure the integrity of the mechanical joint. To address

High Accuracy Torque Multiplier for Wet Valve Actuation

Norbar Torque Tools has developed an innovative torque multiplier for the subsea tools market. Designed as an adapter to allow API 17D class 4 intervention torque tools to generate the torque required to handle class 7 applications, the new torque multiplier delivers a higher level of accuracy th

Extended Pneumatic Torque Wrench Range Features New Gearbox Design

Thanks to a new gearbox design, the new class leading models in Norbar Torque Tools’ range of Pneutorque® pneumatic torque wrenches are now faster, lighter, smaller and therefore much easier to handle than other units of a similar capacity. The new ranges that have been introduced

On Show at the Fastening Assembly & Solutions Exhibition

The highlight of the Norbar stand at the Fastening Assembly & Solutions Exhibition will be the results of one of the most significant design exercises in the company’s history - the new TruTorque range of torque wrenches. The new range covers torque of 20Nm to 300Nm in five models.

Robust, Accurate New Torque Wrench Raises the Standard

Norbar Torque Tools has been making torque tools in Banbury for more than 65 years. They now introduce one of the most significant new designs in their history, the new TruTorque. The aim of the design team was to produce the best possible tool using the latest materials and engineering technique

Torque Tools Brave Mozambique Deluge on Gas Pipeline

Norbar Torque Tools played a pivotal role in the successful installation of a new natural gas pipeline running from Mozambique to South Africa. Torque Tool (Pty) Ltd, the Southern African representative for Norbar, was asked to supply a 9,500Nm pneumatic torque wrench – which was

New Torque Tool Makes a Splash in Offshore

The oil and gas industry is an important market for Norbar Torque Tools. Every fastener used on pipelines has to be tightened to a verifiable torque setting to ensure its integrity. Given that pipelines generally run across inhospitable terrains, the use of Norbar tools in tough operating conditi

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