Acute Technological Services (ATS) is an industry leader in the engineering, design, qualification and fabrication of complex deepwater production systems. Serving as a valuable resource to the oil and gas industry, ATS provides welding engineering services, inspection services, developmental welding and production welding services, including the fabrication of many critical service completion and production components.

ATS is positioned to build partnerships with its clients in the early stages of project design and stay on course through the final stages of execution. The company’s in-house experience allows it to collaborate efficiently on tomorrow’s most challenging issues. Equipped with a state-of-the-art facility, ATS stays abreast of advancing technologies and effectively applies them to the dynamic challenges inherent to deepwater production.

ATS offers its clients cost-effective solutions through proactive planning, design and engineer-managed project execution, and by maintaining a staff of experienced technicians, all backed by a wealth of industry and application knowledge. ATS believes that the costs associated with proper planning and design yield benefits that far outweigh the costs associated with fixing mistakes after deployment.

ATS’ reputation goes deep as evidenced by their involvement with major operator projects like BP’s Thunder Horse and Atlantis projects, Shell’s Perdido and Deimos projects, and Chevron’s Tahiti project. Anadarko’s Genghis Kahn, K2 and Independence Hub have also benefited from a partnership with ATS.

Founded in 1991 by Michael D. Hayes, PE, ATS began to make its mark by writing and reviewing specifications for major oil companies. Over the years, ATS has earned its solid reputation as a successful production welding services company. Today, ATS applies its capabilities to various other disciplines, including pharmaceutical, military, aerospace and nuclear industries.