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Worldwide Engineering and Welding for the Offshore Industry

Based in Houston, Texas, Acute Technological Services (ATS) provides welding services to the energy industry worldwide for both onshore and offshore activities.

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Based in Houston, Texas, Acute Technological Services (ATS) provides welding services to the energy industry worldwide for both onshore and offshore activities.

ATS has more than 20 years’ experience in providing engineered welding solutions and has evolved as an industry leader, advancing the science of welding engineering and generating technical innovations through the application of new technologies and proven scientific methods.

Fabrication and production welding services

With a high content of proprietary technology and procedures, ATS applies its technical resources to:

  • Critical components for deepwater production applications (including flex joints, tapered stress joints, top tension risers)
  • Multi-jointing of steel catenary risers, flowlines and land-based pipelines
  • Assembly welding and testing of drilling riser components
  • Welding of super duplex, nickel and other high alloy materials for subsea production and control systems (instrumentation and controls tubing; quick-connect subsea hydraulic couplers; and reeling of umbilical tubing, flying leads)
  • Automatic and manual welding capabilities
  • Orbital GTAW and pulsed-GMAW welding; overlay and buttering (CRA and Ferritic); and GTAW, SAW, SMAW, FCAW, GMAW and PAW
  • Automated CNC tube bending and installation services (control tubing for trees, HDUs, UTAs, flying leads and cobra heads)
  • In-house digital X-ray capabilities
  • Welding of high-strength coiled pipe and coiled tubing (onshore and offshore installations)

Welding engineering consulting services

ATS employs professional staff that possess, in total, over 250 years’ experience in welding, engineering and inspection.

ATS provides worldwide welding engineering support to the oil and gas industry.
We can provide automatic orbital GTA and PGMA welding for superior weld performance in critical service applications, such as SCR pipe, lay collar forgings, flex joints and stress risers.
ATS offers developmental welding, materials evaluation and pre-qualification of high-strength pipe for deepwater production SCRs, flowlines, jumpers, flow loops and other subsea hardware.
We can provide automatic orbital GTA welding of super duplex and high nickel alloys for subsea instrumentation and controls, as well as down-hole applications.
3D modeling, CNC bending, installation and welding of control tubing on subsea trees, manifolds, HDUs, UTAs (topside and subsea) and flying lead terminations are among our capabilities.

Our staff can provide guidance about engineering for deepwater systems; 3D modeling and design capabilities; materials and welding specification development; field welding engineering and inspection services; quality systems management; welding systems specification and application training; production weld monitoring services (data logging); and non-destructive testing (NDT).

Welding research and development

ATS offers a number of customized research and development solutions, including procedure development and qualification; process and systems development for welding and inspection applications; consumable and material evaluations; and corrosion testing, welding metallurgy and failure analysis.

The company also offers specialized weldability testing, including:

  • Toughness compatibility, CTOD and crack susceptibility (Tekken, CTS and Battelle restraint)
  • Seeded defect for AUT inspection development
  • High productivity optimization

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