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Beck Prosper

Offshore High-Integrity Bolting, Fasteners, Studbolts and Nuts

Building 19, First Avenue,
The Pensnett Estate,
DY6 7TR,
West Midlands United Kingdom

Building 19, First Avenue,
The Pensnett Estate,
DY6 7TR,
West Midlands United Kingdom

Beck Prosper is a world-class manufacturer and distributor of fully certified high-integrity bolting to the oil, gas, petrochemical and power generation industries. Beck Prosper is capable of meeting the exacting standards of quality and service demanded by a diverse customer base.

With strategically located manufacturing and stocking facilities throughout the UK and in China, Beck Prosper has the experience and global reach to ensure both day-to-day requirements and projects are handled professionally and delivered to client’s high expectations, wherever they may be. In addition to our own facilities, Beck Prosper is supported by a worldwide network of strategic alliances and local agencies to further meet customer requirements.

Beck Prosper operates from three separate sites within the UK – Kingswinford, Aberdeen and Kilmarnock. At Beck Prosper we pride ourselves on our customer service, product knowledge, flexibility, competitiveness and manufacturing excellence.

Offshore high-integrity bolting

Recent concerns about the quality of fasteners being used in the offshore sector has increased Beck Prosper’s activity with operators such as Statoil to jointly establish product specification for subsea use. With 40 years’ experience, Beck Prosper is seen by the industry as a key player in ensuring compliance in the subsea supply chain, both from an advisory and manufacturing capability as demonstrated by the key global frame agreements which we hold.

Downstream / petrochemical / refining and OEM studbolts and fasteners

Beck Prosper holds directly, or through approved distributors, many of the UK’s refinery studbolt and fastener contracts covering daily maintenance, repair and operational requirements. In many cases this takes the form of ‘consigned stock’ located within the client’s own premises. For major shutdown and maintenance periods, both Kingswinford and Aberdeen are well-equipped to cover any requirement, including ‘hot shots’.

Power generation fastener components

For coal, oil, hydro or nuclear power stations, Beck Prosper manufactures and supplies a full range of fastener components, including fully threaded studs, engineer, waisted and hot studs, socket cap screws, cap nuts, V notch nuts, hexagon nuts and washers (either from customer drawings or by ‘reverse’” engineering).

Beck Prosper has a dedicated project team with a proven track record of supplying bolting to global projects. Experienced in all aspects of project execution, from a thorough understanding of commercial bid preparation through to providing documentation in project-specific formats, our team ensures that your project requirements are adhered to.

High-integrity bolting materials

Beck Prosper offers the following range of materials for high-integrity bolting:

  • Carbon and alloy: mild steel – 080M40 (EN8) – 605M36 (EN16) – 708M40 (EN19) – 817M40 (EN24) – 826M40 (EN26) – ASTM A193/A320 B5, B7, B7M, B16, B16A, L7, L7M and L43 – DUREHETE® 900, 950 and 1055
  • Nickel alloys and duplex: monel – inconel – UNS 31803 (F51) UNS31254 (254SMO®) – UNS32550 (Ferralium 255®) – UNS 32750 – UNS32760 – (Zeron 100®) ASTM A453 GR 600 – nimonic 75, 80A and 90
  • Stainless-steel: A2 and A4 Class 50, 70 and 80 – 300 and 400 Series – C3-80 – ASTM A193 / A320 grades B8, B8M, B8T Class 1 and 2 equivalent BS 4882 B8X, B8MX, B8TX, B8C, B6 – 17-4 PH – FV520B – Nitronic® 50 and 60 – 904L

Surface coatings for high-integrity bolting

Beck Prosper offers the following surface coatings: bright zinc, zinc and passivated, zinc nickel, hot dip galvanised, phosphate, molykote, ptfe, sheradised, electroless nickel, cadmium and zinga.

Heat treatments for high-integrity bolting

Beck Prosper offers hardening and tempering, normalising, nitriding, case hardening, age hardening and through hardening.

White Rose Oil and Gas Field

The White Rose field is located 350km east of Newfoundland, approximately 50km from both the Terra Nova and Hibernia fie

Goldeneye Gas Platform

Goldeneye is located 100km northeast of St Fergus. It was discovered in October 1996 with the drilling of well 14/29a-3

BPL Laboratory Gets UKAS ISO 17025 Accreditation

Beck Prosper Limited (BPL) has received the ISO 17025 standard from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for the testing laboratory based at its West Midlands facility.

BPL’s Accreditation Hat-Trick

July has been a busy month for Beck Prosper Ltd (BPL), as we have achieved the goals set for 2014 in obtaining OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and the International Environmental Management standard ISO 14001 through LRQA approval.

Beck Prosper: the Behemoth Returns!

When this old machine turned up at Beck Prosper's lovely state-of-the-art factory in Kingswinford, the vast majority of staff believed it was merely waiting to be collected by either the scrap man or the Black Country Museum. There were even suggestions we could paint it and exhibit it at the entrance to Beck Prosper as a commemorative monolith.

Tightening up on Performance

The inclement British summer may have ruined many a holiday this year but it has failed to dampen the continued growth of Beck Prosper.

Subsea Industry Expresses Concerns over Integrity of Fastener Supply Chain

There have been some very interesting developments in the oil and gas industry in recent months, not least the demand to improve the quality, integrity and compliance of nut supplies. Beck Prosper (BPL) has been serving the petrochemical and energy industries as a high integrity bolting man

Prosper Distribution Changes Company Name to Beck Prosper

We are pleased to announce that due to the takeover by Beck Industries in March 2010, Prosper Distribution is changing its name to Beck Prosper. We feel this name change better reflects the merger of two such strong brands in high integrity bolting. The Prosper name has a gl

Prosper Visit Beck Crespel

April saw the first group of Prosper staff visit the headquarters of new owners Beck Crespel in Armentières, Northern France. Karine and Hugo Charbonnier have kindly extended an invitation to all Prosper employees to visit their facility and utilise this opportunity to discuss any

Bolting Company Set to Prosper with Projected Growth in Subsea Sector

Prosper is a Lloyds accredited manufacturer of high integrity bolting for all sectors and tiers of the oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries. Bolting, until recently, was perceived a secondary concern, often ordered late and needed quickly. But despite being a low-cost item, bolt

Beck Prosper Limited

Building 19, First Avenue

The Pensnett Estate



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