The inclement British summer may have ruined many a holiday this year but it has failed to dampen the continued growth of Beck Prosper. Record sales in and out the door for successive months has vindicated the implantation of the much anticipated double-shift system in the manufacturing unit that was planned and commenced at the beginning of this year.

This extra shift coupled with further investment in machinery has significantly increased the capacity of Beck Prosper. The volume has come from all sectors of the energy industries, flying in the face of the general doom and gloom of the daily news stories of depression and double dips. 2012 has seen all sorts of records being both set and broken. The company is well ahead of budget and on target for a fantastic year with some new customers being carefully planned into the system and some exciting new ventures on the horizon.

The increased volume has led to the next phase of the manufacturing unit being approved with development of an additional 25,000ft² of productive space and committing the long term future of Beck Prosper to the Pensnett Estate, Kingswinford, where we have been manufacturing since 1989.

Many high-profile customers have chosen to visit the site and Beck Prosper welcomes any clients that want to see the day-to-day gradual evolution of a modern, fast-paced, cutting-edge, high-integrity bolting manufacturer. There is still some tweaking to be done to get the processes perfect but the company has so far successfully managed a significant period of change and unprecedented demand within the industry as increased demands for greater quality and integrity are made on the entire supply chain.

Many clients have also visited our head office site at Armentières, northern France, and again we are more than happy to host these trips. Their extensive manufacturing facilities are also important to help support those here in the UK. Parts can be made at either facility though France tends to supply the larger volume items which can then be stored in the UK to improve delivery logistics.

The group business development department is now up to full strength and looking to spread the Beck brand globally either through acquisition or partnership. Sales manager Gary Brookes will be at the Fastener Fair, Thailand from 6 – 8 September with our partners Petchem, and our business development manager, Darren Porter and Matt Smith will be at Valveworld, Dusseldorf, from 27 – 29 November along with staff from other group sites. Please come and meet the team.

In personnel news Beck Prosper’s HR assistant Siobhan Lagah has passed the first phase of her company-sponsored CIPD – congratulations. Chris Morris, our training manager, along with the other members of our HR team are also introducing a comprehensive employee appraisal system to ensure we have the right human resource in the right place and with the necessary skills to complete the tasks demanded of them. We have high hopes for this initiative to help us evolve and improve to meet client demands. The company is acutely aware that it is only as good as its people.