Added Value Engineering Consultants’ (AVEC) Board of Directors are pleased to announce that the company has a new shareholder. South African company VGI Consulting Incorporated (VGI), represented by Mr. Ian Grobler, a senior director and shareholder of VGI, now holds a share in AVEC.

"We have worked together with Ian, Jan and the team at VGI for a number of years with each company providing synergistic resources to enable us to provide a complete ‘one-stop’ shop for clients requiring engineering, design, project management and construction supervision services," said Marion Hughes, MD of AVEC.

"I believe that by bringing VGI on board as a shareholder both companies have an opportunity to expand their traditional industry spheres and activities. It also offers significant opportunities to train and enhance the skills of the engineers and designers we have," she added.

Ian Grobler is equally excited. He said: "Both companies are established in their fields, but in today’s environment, it is important to be flexible and responsive to the needs of our clients. In this case, more and more often, both locally and in sub-Saharan Africa, clients are looking to streamline projects and minimize the interfaces throughout the different phases of work.

"Being firmly associated with AVEC gives VGI the ability to offer the complete range of services from the very up-front conceptual thoughts and scoping through the design and engineering phases to construction, commissioning and handover. The close relationship with AVEC will also provide VGI with the ability to perform the higher level of process engineering needed for more complex projects related to the hydrocarbons industry."

AVEC and VGI have collaborated on a number of projects, notably in the provision of services for terminal, pipelines and storage facilities. It is expected that this new relationship will allow both the companies and their clients to investigate new opportunities for business whilst building on their existing knowledge and proven engineering and project management skills.