Bespoke hardware for project management

SeaRoc offers a range of bespoke hardware solutions to suit the individual project requirements.

The company provides hardware installation and roll-out services for all necessary equipment, as well as supervises all shipping, testing and maintenance specifications.

SeaRoc offers a wide range of hardware solutions, including:

Access control

Access control units (ACUs) can be supplied as pre-set devices by SeaPlanner. The ACU comprises a tablet with a connected RFID swipe card reader, which can be implemented on-board vessels or onshore. SeaPlanner uses RFID-enabled swipe cards, printed via the Personnel Manager module.


Reliable communications are crucial for safe and efficient implementation of projects. SeaPlanner successfully sets up a reliable online communication system between onshore marine coordination centres and vessels, including voiceover IP (VoIP)

Surveillance and monitoring

  • SeaPlanner installs and sets up surveillance systems to reliably detect track vessels
  • AIS: automatic tracking system that identifies and locates vessels by electronically exchanging data with AIS base stations, other nearby ships and satellites
  • GPS: provides location and time data in all weather conditions
  • Radar: can be used to track vessels without AIS signal. Radar can be used for bird monitoring, metrological or navigational applications
  • Real-time kinematic (RTK): it is possible to increase accuracy of vessel monitoring with a RTK feed
  • CCTV: can be securely used online and provides 24/7 surveillance