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SeaRoc Group

Consultancy and Contracting Services for Offshore and Marine Operations

SeaRoc Group provides management, engineering and QHSE support to the offshore sector, built on a wealth of marine experience.

45 South Street,
West Sussex,
PO19 1DS United Kingdom

45 South Street,
West Sussex,
PO19 1DS United Kingdom

SeaRoc Group

SeaRoc Group supplies integrated, user-friendly, data management systems to ensure safe and efficient project operations for the offshore renewable sector.

The company provides health, safety, environmental and quality (HSEQ) services, geographic information system (GIS) and computer-aided design (CAD) management, and marine coordination and software application development services.

Web-based marine monitoring and management platform for offshore projects

SeaPlanner is an innovative, industry-leading software suite of modular, web-based marine management and monitoring tools.

Available individually or as part of an integrated suite, the modular system integrates key information to help coordinate a safe and efficient offshore project.

It can be customised for specific project requirements to provide complete project visibility and control. Developed in 2006,

SeaPlanner has evolved to meets the specific needs of the offshore industry.

Marine coordination services for operation optimisation

SeaRoc Group’s highly experienced marine coordinators make sure that clients perform site marine operations efficiently, effectively and safely by complying to the necessary health and safety, client and statutory requirements.

Key personnel are highly qualified and have significant engineering, environmental, marine, and health and safety experience and are skilled at interfacing with client project staff, contractors and suppliers.

CAD, GIS and spatial data management services

SeaRoc Group’s GIS specialists provide ongoing analysis and spatial data interpretation to support the decision-making process on offshore projects.

Technical HSEQ consultancy and management services

SeaRoc Group provides clients with technical HSEQ advice and solutions, so that they deliver safe and efficient projects within the offshore renewable energy and marine industry.

The company supplies detailed knowledge and practical application of marine and HSEQ legislation and standards, industry best practices, and onshore and offshore construction, including:

  • Management systems
  • HSE support: risk management, process verification and monitoring
  • Training

SeaRoc works with clients to find the best solution to fit their operations.

Project support and management hardware

SeaRoc Group offers a range of hardware solutions, tailored to suit the specification of the client such as access control, surveillance and communication services

The company provides hardware installation and roll-out services for all required equipment, taking care of all maintenance, testing and transportation.

CAD, GIS and Data Management

SeaRoc Group's generate detailed reports on a wide range of information throughout the lifecycle of the project, including construction progress, planned activities and development constraints.

Marine Coordination

SeaRoc Group's highly experienced marine coordinators ensure that site marine operations are performed effectively, safely and efficiently.


More than half* of the UK's offshore wind capacity uses SeaPlanner for marine management, and it's fast becoming the industry standard.

Health and Safety Challenges on Multi-Contractor Projects

SeaRoc is experienced in working on multi-contractor projects, in support or advisory roles ranging from client representative, marine or management advisers, contractors, independent vessel auditors and advisers to the client.

SeaRoc and HSEQ Experts Join Forces to Support Offshore Wind Projects in Europe

SeaRoc Group and HSEQ Experts have completed a collaboration agreement to provide a combined service offering to help support the construction and operation of offshore wind farms in Germany and other European markets. The two companies have been working together since March 2014 and this agreement formalises their existing arrangement.

SeaPlanner Goes Live at Vattenfall Kentish Flats Extension

SeaPlanner, an industry-leading, web-based, marine monitoring and management system, is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Vattenfall as their marine coordination and management tool for the Kentish Flats Extension offshore wind farm.

SeaRoc Group Ltd

45 South Street


West Sussex

PO19 1DS

United Kingdom